Special Forces Removal is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Special Forces Removal - Genobee Attacking MTs

Genobee Destroying an MT


Client: Navis

Details: Locate special forces, Destroy all units attacking the city.

Advance: 64000c

Reward: 122000c

Area: Bayload City

Remarks: --




MT pilot:We're on scene. Commencing operation.

Operator:Take out those MTs.

Operator:They're using electronic counter measures, stay alert.

MT pilot:We have to retreat.


This mission can be difficult for a new AC. VS ECM is a vital component as the OWL MTs naturally come equip with ECM maker. Having dual or a high powered Radar unit will go a long way to preventing the FCS from locking up. OWLs are rather mobile MTs and can put up quite a challenge. A high mobility AC with the aformentioned ECM Resistance and dual machine guns will go a long way in destroying them. Only two OWLs have to be destroyed for the mission to end. Do your best to keep buildings between you and the OWLs and you'll be fine.


If you fail this mission, Genobee will automatically come and destroy the OWLs for you.

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