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The Spirit-Class Moving Fortress is a copy of the Bernard and Felix Foundation's Arms Fort, Spirit of Motherwill. It was reconstructed by The Foundation.


The Spirit Class Moving Fortress is as stated, a copy of Armored Core: For answer's Spirit of Motherwill. It possesses massive amounts of armaments and durability. The fortress has 3 wings on both the left and right hand side. Each side of the fortress possesses 4 large missile launcher turrets, numerous gun batteries, 2 Heat cannon turrets and 2 laser cannon turrets: one on the wing itself and another one underneath it. The fortress also has a front and a back wing, each having yet another laser cannon beneath it. So in total, the fortress actually has 8 large missile launchers, 6 laser cannon turrets and 4 Heat cannon turrets, making it an almost invincible opponent. Furthermore, all the huge gun turrets have the ability to fire 4 missiles per launch, which means at any point in time you can have a huge volley of missiles targeted at you, and it is hard to dodge these missiles. Therefore, only those teams with great teamwork and patience can destroy it with ease.


  • Missile launchers x8
  • Laser cannons x6
  • Heat cannons x4
  • Gun Batteries xmany
  • Hellkite A-84 (unspecified number)


As stated before the fortress is almost invincible, so it would require not just skills, but also a great deal of cooperation. Even if the team has 4 members but none cooperates, it is as good as courting death.

There isn't actually any real recommended loadout for this mission. As long as the team is able to cooperate, the fortress shouldn't be that hard to take out. The team can have any AC loadout, be it tank or quad or bipeds or reverse-joints. When the battle begins, the fortress will fire off its 8 missiles right off the bat whe the players begin boosting towards it, so it is paramount that they dodge, otherwise they would take too much damage and fail the mission. Of course this isn't the only threat, the wings that can be visibly seen (the left, front and the right), will also fire off its laser cannons almost simultaneously. So try not to spend too much time on that. If possible, the team should just rush in and cripple the laser cannons first, because if they're not taken out, they WILL continually blast away at you, distracting you from your objective.

First, when the players rush in and close in, they should split up. Perhaps 2 players will deal with one wing whereas the other 2 deal with the other. One thing to take note of when on the fortress, there are also the annoying Hellkite ACs that will fire at you, but try not to fire at them; they are merely there to distract you and waste your ammo. If you do fire at them, you are leaving yourself open to the other big turrets firing at you, so it is recommended to ignore them.

Second, take out the big gun turrets and at the same time, strafe away from the missiles, the amount of damage they deal is devastating. If possible, equip CIWS to avoid getting hit. It is recommended to ignore the smaller gun batteries as they make you waste ammo and it is also quite time-consuming to destroy them, considering they are numerous.

Finally, when going on this mission, it is recommended to have KE and CE weapons, as most of the fortress' armaments are weak to KE and CE. Moreover, KE and CE weapons are mainly general-purpose weapons and have high number of ammo. Rifles and Battle rifles work best, Gatling guns or H.E.A.T Machine Guns work too. It IS important that you have high ammo for this mission as you have to take out a lot of weaponry. As mentioned before, any AC loadout will do for this mission, although most would recommend medium bipedals or reverse-joints.

Above all, you must collaborate well with the team, otherwise you crumble to ash under the fortress' might.