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Squad 2 is a consort in Armored Core 3


This consort is made up of three helicopters flying in close formation. It is a specialized unit that only appears in flying missions.

The squad appears as a consort during the following missions:


Consort - Helicopters


A close-knit squad of three pilots. Their helicopters are highly maneuverable, but easily damaged if hit. Each helo is equipped with machine guns and rockets that enable them to cause a lot of damage when working in concert.

This consort is a notable improvement to Squad 1. The helicopters tend to stick together and remain close to the ground firing upwards at enemy fighters. While this does make them prone to more attacks, they do have better armor.


Name: Squad 2

Consort Name: Helicopters

Armament/s: Machine guns and Rockets

AP: 1,400 each, 4,200 total

Tactical Style: Remaining close to the ground, firing upwards at enemies.

Strengths: Airborne enemies

Weaknesses: Low Armor