The Starter AC is the AC given to the player at the start of each Armored Core game.


In most games, a single starter AC is given to the player whenever a new game is started. Said starter ACs are usually composed of the weakest/cheapest parts available and usually vary from game to game. From Armored Core 4 onward, more than one starter AC is available. Until Armored Core 4 all starter ACs were middleweight bipedal ACs equipped with a back radar, small missile launcher, rifle and laser blade. They are always depicted with an all gray-bluish paint job with red applied to the detail parts.


Armored Core/Project Phantasma/Master of ArenaEdit

Armored Core 2/Another AgeEdit

Armored Core 3/Silent LineEdit

Armored Core: Nexus/Nine Breaker/Last RavenEdit

Armored Core 4Edit

In Armored Core 4, the player is able to choose one of six default schematics as their starter AC:

Armored Core: For AnswerEdit

In Armored Core: For Answer, the player's AC is one of four titled "Strayed" each one corresponding to a certain company. It was designed by Serene Haze, their operator. The available designs are:

Armored Core V/Verdict DayEdit

In Armored Core V/Verdict Day the player has no less than four ACs at their disposal, and they can use all of them since they possess all the necessary parts. These parts are rusty, degraded, low quality versions of standard model parts and cannot be sold. The designs are:

  • Mid-Weight Biped
  • Heavyweight Biped
  • Reverse Joint
  • Quad-Leg (Tetrapod)
  • Tank
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