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P77-ST, the first Stealth part in Armored Core

First appearing in Armored Core: Master of Arena, Stealth describes a number of parts and their ability to "cloak" an AC. They appear in two style, the dual back part and the later Extension model.


Stealth in Armored Core works much like it does in life, as seen in the current generation of stealth fighters. The user is not invisible but due to the way radar works, boucing off radar waves off of a metallic surface to cause them to be picked up, these devices can drastically reduce the signal. While in modern times, stealth comes from the design and material of the vehicle, the technology indicates that it is capable of jamming Radar in some way, or at least absorbing the waves preventing the user from being seen. Currently the only games that have featured these pieces of technology are Armored Core: Master of Arena, Armored Core 2 and consequently Another Age along with Armored Core 3 and Silent Line. They have not appeared since.

Back Part Stealth[]


ZXR-S/STEALTH appeared in Armored Core 2

The first part of Stealth that appeared, these two parts, P77-ST appearing in Master of Arena and then ZXR-S/STEALTH in Armored Core 2, remove you from radar. However enemies can still lock on to you and you can't use any other weapon other than the left arm (laser blades) which makes it only useful in PvP battles. It is mainly useful for suprise attacks.

Extension Stealth[]



The MEST-MX/CROW, first found in Armored Core 3 and then in Silent Line (it was to appear in Nexus but was removed), this extension part is superior to the earlier designs as it also prevents the FCS from locking on to you, making it very effective against AC units that rely on missiles as they can't fire without a lock.