Armored Core Wiki
General information
Japanese name スティグロ
Other names Assault-Type Sea Demon (突擊型海魔)[1]
Classification Arms Fort
Manufacturer Interior Union
Equipment Laser blade
Affiliation Interior Union
Conflicts present Economic War
Real world information
Mechanical designer Kazutaka Miyatake,
Akihiro Goto (details)[2]
Appearances Armored Core: For Answer,
Armored Core: A New Order of "NEXT",
Armored Core Designs 4 & for Answer

Stigro is an Arms Fort in Armored Core: For Answer.


A marine-type Arms Fort from Interior Union, Stigro resembles a large golden boat or a hydrofoil.

The unit is armed with a massive-scale laser blade and powerful missiles. Also, the Stigro is absolutely the fastest of all Arms Forts and it's able to surpass a NEXT even when this is using OB.

While primarily designed for obliterating enemy naval fleets, Stigro is also capable of facing NEXTs in single combat with its extreme speed and difficult-to-avoid missile salvos.

However Stigro is only a maritime AF and this limits his utilization.

It is mentioned that the Stigro is AI controlled, which accounts for it's superb accuracy but limited tactical flexibility. This may be that the G forces present from its constant Over-boost that prevents human pilots and crew from being able to function properly on board.

This AF appears in Attack on Naval Port of Mimir (but it doesn't move or shoot), Defeat AF Stigro and as an ally (or enemy on Hard Mode) in Defeat the 8th Fleet.


  1. The player faces Stigro for the first time in the second mission of the game, "Attack on Naval Port of Mimir", however it doesn't move or shoot at all since it's waiting for reparation or supply, so simply fire with everything you have or use a blade: it will be destroyed in two/three hits.
  2. The second encounter is in the mission "Defeat AF Stigro". This is a true "duel" between the player and the AF, who will fires at you lots of missiles and will charge with its laser blade. Being hit by the blade will probably be lethal for a non-heavy NEXT, and its missile attack is prone to temporally stun-locking, your NEXT. As a result, it's more than enough to screw up your aim badly and damage your PA, especially when you're perfectly locked onto Stigro. It is recommended to preform overboost and quick-boost at the same time when the AF starts throwing a missile barrage at you to ensure that your NEXT doesn't freeze in place when hit. Also, due to the enemy's extreme speed the FCS has lots of troubles locking on it so it's almost useless. The best thing to do is to follow Sumika's suggestion, luring the AF in the building of Shangai to reduce its speed to a minimum, then jump (and land) on it and fire with gatling guns or other rapid fire weapons. However, if you're really good with your NEXT'S speed and agility and are equipped with dual grenade cannons, then the use of buildings would be rendered almost obsolete and Stigro can be beaten in less than one minute.
  3. The last time you see Stigro is during the mission "Defeat 8' Fleet". In Normal Mode your task is to kill as many enemies as possible to increase your reward at the end of the job; it's recommended to use rapid fire weapons, Grenade cannons or blades to eliminate the enemy vessels . On Hard Mode however, Stigro will betray and subsequentially attack you so you have to defeat him AND the enemy fleet to accomplish the mission. Stay away from the fleet and focus on Stigro. This time you're in the wide ocean and there are no buildings to use to reduce Stigro's speed so use a permaflight AC and land on it and fire with gatling guns, or if you have dual grenade cannons, wait for the Arms Fort to approach you before firing.


  • During the mission "Defeat 8' Fleet" on Hard Mode, Stigro suddenly attacks you. This can be an attempt made by Interior to kill the player.
  • Sometimes the mission "Defeat AF Stigro" can often glitch so severely that the game could freeze and crash. This usually happens when the player tries to get Stigro to slash through way to many onscreen buildings. To avoid this, the player will have to take a risk by not making the Arms Fort hit any nearby buildings at all.
  • Stigro's real-life designer is Kazutaka Miyatake, a mecha designer known for his contributions on works such as The Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Gunbuster.



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