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Stop Gas Exposure

One of the 5 control panels located within the facility.

Stop Gas Exposure is a mission in Armored Core.


Requested by: Ravens' Nest

Advance: 20000

Upon success: 25000

Theater of operations: Old Chemical Weapons Factory

Enemy forces: Unknown

Conditions for success: Plant all detonation devices


This mission is extremely dangerous. A problem has occurred at one of the ruins from the Old Generation. Namely, a military facility.

This facility was used to develop chemical weapons, and it seems that someone has secretly entered and tampered with the control panels. It is now full of some kind of gas.

The gas corrodes metal, so naturally your AC will take damage. Unluckily, all of the equipment within the base is resistant to the gas, so the defense mechanisms are operating.

Of the five control panels, only one appears to be working. Even so, just destroy all of them. We will provide the detonation devices. Just plant them on all five panels.

When you are finished, get out of the base immediately. If you dawdle within the facility, your AC will suffer a dangerous level of damage. Be careful!




Armored Core Stop Gas Exposure

Starting from the left hand entrance. 

Follow the hallway until you get to a T split. Both ways lead to the same area, but right is a shorter distance. At the next T intersection take a right and then the first left. This will lead you to Control Panel #1. Plant the bomb on the target by pressing O. 

Leave the room from Control Panel #1 and follow the hallway straight. This will be a very long hallway without any diverging paths. Once at another T intersection, turn right to find Control Panel #2. 

From Control Panel #2, leave the room and take the second left to find Control Panel #3. 

Leave the Control Panel #3 room and take a left. At the next T intersection take another left (again, either way will lead you around, but left is shorter) and when presented with a left or straight, turn left. 

Follow this to another T intersection. Control Panel #4 and #5 are left and right  of this intersection. 

There is a false wall that will open when shot against the wall of this T intersection between Control Panel #4 and #5. Go through this hole and make the first left and then the next left to find the exit. 


  • You need to plant a total of five detonation devices.
  • The gas will constantly reduce your AP.
  • There are two entrances to the facility. Both areas are connected by a hidden passage way that you should blow up.
  • You get +500 for each Crusader destroyed.