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Stop Security MTs is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Fortgarden Guard

Advance: 0

Upon success: 17,000c

Theater of operations: Fortgarden's Business District

Enemy forces: 12 Security MTs

Conditions for success : Destroy all security MTs


The city security system that we monitor has been destroyed and
security MTs from various areas are running amuck. The true perpetrator
is as yet unknown.

All of the Guards are trying to control the situation, but the scope
of damage is too wide, so we cannot completely handle it.

We are asking the Ravens for help. Destroy all of the security MTs in
the business district of the city. We have already evacuated the
citizens. No need for restraint.




Armored Core Stop Security MTs

Another fairly easy mission, your job is to take out all of the MTs in the area. They're a bit tougher in comparison to the Bishop MTs faced previously, but overall they will pose no threat to a serious AC pilot. If possible, upgrading your AC with better weapons such as a machine gun will also help greatly in this matter.