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Stop Terrorist Threat

A Guard Walker facing off against a Bishop MT.

Stop Terrorist Threat is a mission in Armored Core.


Requester: Isaac City Guard

Advance: 0

Upon success: 22,000c

Theater of operations: Isaac City Sewers

Enemy forces: MTs (unknown number)

Conditions for success: Destroy the enemy leader


We have managed to obtain vital information on the terrorist group "Imminent Storm". The scum plan to hide inside the city sewers and build their headquarters there.

"Imminent Storm" has perpetrated many terrorist acts on Isaac City in the past, and the Guard has suffered bitter defeats. We will never let them build their headquarters.

Yet we hesitate to act with only our weaponry. This why we have asked the Ravens for help. Already several Guards have gone ahead, but it is too dangerous for them alone.

Your operation has two objectives: protect the Guard detachment and destroy the terrorist leader. We will deduct 1000 C from your pay for each Guard killed.

Ravens, we are counting on you.




Guard:Is that you, Raven? The target is in this sector. We're counting on you.



Armored Core Stop Terrorist Threat


  • Towards the start of the level, there are several Guard Walkers under attack from Bishop MTs which, if not swiftly dealt with, will destroy the Guard MTs sharply reducing your pay.
  • The sewer system is very long and it is very easy to get lost, meaning that slow moving ACs can take a long time finishing this mission. It is advised for players to use a head with a memory map.
  • You get +500 for each enemy destroyed and -1000 for each ally destroyed.