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AC Swan Diver

AC Swan Diver

Struggle is an Irregular in Silent Line: Armored Core.


She is encountered during the mission Eliminate Rioters. She appears to have joined the rioters in their mission to level a D-01 Residential District building. She is killed by The Raven in a direct confrontation on one of the building's upper floors.

AC Swan Diver[]

Swan Diver is a middleweight hover AC equipped with an OB core, back mounted rocket launcher, back mounted radar, a long range rifle, a napalm howitzer, and back booster extensions.


If you have already taken a lot of punishment from before when fighting the MTs, you'd be as good as dead when she gets to you. So make sure that you have enough health to face her (an optimum amount being 6k+ health or more) as well as ammo, as she can take a bit of a beating. Since she's a hover, however, it's rather easy to stun lock her with heavy weapons like bazookas or with rapid fire weapons like rifles or handguns. As for her attacks, her weapons are geared mainly towards close-range combat with thermal stress induction (basically high heat weapons), so having good cooling prowess will help greatly in this.