Sumika Jutilainen is a supporting protagonist, ally and client for the player during the bulk of Project Phantasma.


AC Coral Star


Initially intended to become a test subject for the Doomsday Organization's new brain child Phantasma, a weapon to combine the human mind with technology, Sumika successfully evaded tests and escaped, stealing a battle rig while attempting to leave the facility. With the assistance of the Raven, Sumika escapes and the new duo board a transport, in which she appoints the player her new partner. For much of the game, Sumika sends the Raven on different missions and occasionally accompanies to provide support or to carry out objectives. Sumika soon comes into conflict with Stinger at one point, leaving her and the player to take him on in battle after the capture of Doomsday's VIP.

Eventually after Phantasma's destruction and Stinger's demise, Sumika thanks the Raven for his assistance, and also contemplates the idea of adapting Phantasma's technology. Finally, she entertains the idea of calling for the Raven's assistance again before and asks if she could be given a discount next time.

AC Coral StarEdit

Sumika 3

AC Coral Star

She pilots a light weight pink humanoid General Purpose Armored Core by the name "Coral Star" which uses the PIXIE3 light machine gun as its only weapon. The unit is actually a custom unit of the GP-AC Ariake model. The AC is highly mobile but lightly armored.


  • Kasumi Sumika in Armored Core 4 is a reference to this character, becoming more evident in Armored Core: For Answer, where she assumes the role of full time Operator and also a full pink NEXT.
  • Her AC Ariake is completely custom, and cannot be acquired by the player.
  • There is a mod/hack in the game which allows the player to actually use the in-game model of her AC.
  • Sumika also appears in the Armored Core: Nexus Revolution disc using her pink Ariake, albeit with a pulse rifle.