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Support OAE Invasion is a mission in Armored Core: Nexus.

Support OAE Invasion

Enemy defense forces coming to life.


Client: OAE

Details: Remove base defenses. Defeat all MTs protecting the base.

Advance: 0c

Reward: 238600c

Hidden Part: E05MG-ROE2 Extension - Extra laser rifle ammo. It's located on the furthest hangar to the northwest of your starting point.

Area: Mirage Base

Remarks: Destruction of armored support vehicles will reduce your reward.



OAE Operator:We have the base in sight.

OAE Operator:Destroy all targets you encounter.

OAE Operator:Our units will provide support, let's get started.

OAE Operator:Excellent work. Raven.


There will be three OWLs deployed when you first arrive. You have backup from 5 OAE APCs. Enemy reinforcements will come from the north, so deal with the OWLs quickly.

It's recommended to use a large amount of vertical missiles with support extensions due to the large volume of return fire.