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Swift AC Emblem

Swift Emblem

Swift (スウィフト Suifuto) is the name for a corporation made bipedal AC that appears a few times throughout the original Armored Core as an enemy unit.



Mass Production Armored Core Swift

The Swift is a bipedal AC equipped with small missile launchers mounted on both shoulders and a handheld pulse rifle. Although the units exterior appearance can be rebuild with the parts in the game, the pulse rifle cannot be equipped, as the pulse rifles appearance is actually that of the WG-MGA1 machine gun. Although the exterior is the same as normal model, it is most likely that internally the AC has been somehow altered. Its development is somehow related to the AC Vixen seen later in the hands of Stinger. The Spiteful is an upgraded version of this unit.



Appearing in two missions as enemies, the Swift is mainly used by Murakumo Millennium. They appear in the missions:


  • Interestingly, from a closer look, the AC's back missile launcher on the right appears similar to the standard WM-S40/1 while his back missile launcher on the left has a different design. This is most probably a custom-made AC part that cannot be obtained in-game.
  • When he kills the Heat Wave during the cutscene, he is firing bluish purple rifle rounds.
  • Swift is improperly sized; it is larger than a typical AC by a noticeable degree.
  • The AC appears very similar in design to Wildcat's.


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