Sz12 Speer L
UniverseACV Universe
AppearancesArmored Core V

The Sz12 Speer L, also referred to as a Support AC is a medium mech that is capable of switching between a stationary sniping mode and a mobile humanoid mode. It appears in Armored Core V.


Part of the Speer long-ranged support mech line, the Speer L is the larger, longer-ranged variant of the Sz11 Speer. Although ostensibly the same unit, it is equipped with a large-caliber Sniper Cannon, visibly identified by its large muzzle shield. Like its smaller brother, it is equipped with a standard KE machinegun for self-defense when it is threatened up close.

When sniping, the Sz12's line of fire is given away by a laser sight, allowing a mobile AC to dodge the shots that the Sz12 fires.

Once the Sz12 is approached, it will disengage from its sniping mode and, after a short delay during which it is highly vulnerable, assume a humanoid mobile form that allows it to hop to a new location.

The Sz12 is used by both the City Police and the Men of Honor mercenaries.

Stats Edit

  • AP: 7000
  • KE: 800
  • CE: 3000
  • TE: 350

Armaments Edit

  • Heavy Sniper Cannon KE: 3000
  • Machinegun KE: 70

Trivia Edit

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