Sz13 Speer S
UniverseACV Universe
AppearancesArmored Core V

The Sz13 Speer S, also referred to as a Support AC is a medium mech that is capable of switching between a stationary sniping mode and a mobile humanoid mode. It appears in Armored Core V and Armored Core: Verdict Day .


Part of the Speer long-ranged support mech, the Speer S is the smaller, shorter-ranged variant. Different than the other Speer models, the S-type carries a HEAT Howitzer, giving it more punch against lightweight units, as well as performing better in middle ranges. Also, it equips KE multi missiles as well as the standard machinegun present on both Sz11 and Sz12 models. Furthermore, it is the only unit whose aiming laser is blue, instead of red.

When sniping, the Sz13's line of fire is given away by a laser sight, allowing a mobile AC to dodge the shots that the Sz13 fires. As a second form of attack while in its stationary mode, the Sz13 also uses cluster missiles.

Once the Sz13 is approached, it will disengage from its sniping mode and, after a short delay during which it is highly vulnerable, assume a humanoid mobile form that allows it to hop to a new location.

The Sz13 is used by both the City Police and the Men of Honor mercenaries.

Stats Edit

  • AP: 8000
  • KE: 800
  • CE: 3000
  • TE: 350

Weaknesses Edit

  • KE weaponry
  • TE weaponry

Weapons Edit

  • HEAT Howitzer CE: 1700
  • Cluster Missile Launcher CE: 600
  • Machinegun KE: 100
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