T-106E Slon
UniverseACV Universe
AppearancesArmored Core V
Armored Core: Verdict Day

The T106E Slon is a main battle tank that appears in Armored Core V. It is used by many factions, including Migrants, City Police, and the Men of Honor.


Against Armored Cores, the Slon is little more than a waste of ammunition. Although it is equipped with three machine guns, the only weapon that poses any danger (and it ever uses!) is its KE main gun, which barely scratches the paint of most ACs. Slons are often deployed in groups of three to four tanks, using their numbers to make up for their low rate of fire and weak damage.

Stats Edit

  • AP: 1200
  • KE: 100 Weakness
  • CE: 150
  • TE: 230

Armaments Edit

  • Cannon KE: 800


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