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T-Mania is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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He is encountered in the missionEliminate Outlaw Organization. He is responsible for numerous attacks on the Bureaus of Controls transport planes, which they detect, track and eventually destroy with the help of a powerful radar setup. T-Mania also is a member of the Outlaw Organization the Indies.

AC Armed Gorilla[]

Armed Gorilla is a tank leg AC equipped with relay missile extensions, a small missile launcher, laser cannon slug gun weapon arms and an overboost core.


T-Mania shows up right after you have killed most of the tanks in the mission. Fortunately, he's not that difficult of an opponent. From afar, he will shoot missiles at you which are actually very easy to avoid or counter. While he is doing this, he will often overboost to try and close distance so that he can use his laser slug gun weapon arms. However, those weapon arms aren't as damaging as they seem, unless you're standing really close to him. To beat this guy, use heavy or hard-hitting weapons since he's a tank meaning his mobility is extremely limited (even with overboost he's still rather slow) and thus makes it very easy to target and hit him. Beating him on a tank is also viable, that way you can use heavy artillery cannons like chain guns, grenade launchers or laser or plasma cannons to kill him. Overall, he is easy fodder and will not pose any real threat to any serious pilot.



  • His AC's name and Raven name are translated from a japanese website and are pending.