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The TYPE-HOLOFERNES (previously known as TYPE-KRAKEN) is a Production Model Armored Core NEXT first appearing in Armored Core 4.


Another lightweight unit developed by Omer Science, the TYPE-HOLOFERNES can be described as a variant or cousin to the TYPE-JUDITH; whereas the JUDITH focuses on mainly energy weapons, the HOLOFERNES has higher emphasis on solid weaponry. This meant that it was better suited to NEXT to NEXT combat, where the TYPE-JUDITH would often struggle with its minimal weapon loadout. Despite this extra weight, the HOLOFERNES was slightly faster than the JUDITH, but less well armored.


The weapons included are part of the original schematic during the LYNX War. Later releases of this schematic leave the weapon units empty to allow for user customization.



  • The name Holofernes refers to the Persian commander in the Biblical story from one of the Apocrypha, "Book of Judith". One of the famous 17th century painting is of "Judith Slaying Holofernes" in which she beheads him. This also explains why the TYPE-HOLOFERNES looks "headless" when viewed from behind.