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Takeover New Fortress is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.


Requester: Mirage

Advance: 0

Upon success: 30000c

Operation Area: AI Fortress VG-924

Enemy Forces: ACs x 2

Objective: Destroy target ACs

Operation Code: Steam Bath

Client Name: Mirage

Place Name: AI Fortress VG-924

Start Time: 04:00

Security Level: 8

Estimated Success Rate: 29%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


"Raven, we've lost communication with the reconnaissance team sent in to take control of Fortress VG-924. According to their last transmission, they encountered multiple ACs."

"While adept in such skills as espionage and hacking, the reconnaissance team would be easy pickings for an AC. If they are to finish their mission, the ACs must be eliminated."

"To assure that everything goes smoothly, we've arranged to have another Raven accompany you on this assignment. Please work together and good luck."



Carom: "Raven, these two are pros."

Mileage: "Targets sighted. Take' em out."

Seventh Heaven: "Roger."

Emma: "Energy transfer pipes line the periphery."

Emma: "Destroying them will raise the ambient temperature."

Seventh Heaven: "Uaahh..."(if defeated first)

Mileage: "It's up to you, Seventh..."(if defeated first)

Seventh Heaven: "Mileage!"(if Mileage is defeated first)

Seventh Heaven: "I...I've failed..."(if defeated last)

Mileage: "Guaaah..."(if defeated last)

Carom: "Nice shooting Raven."

Recon Leader: "Objective achieved. Returning to base."


Funds: 0c

  • Carom - 0c (Mandatory Escort)


This is a 2-on-2 AC battle. It is ultimately up to you to choose whether to go for Mileage or 7th Heaven first. If you choose to go for Mileage first, then make sure 7th Heaven doesn't have you in her sights, as she can dish out some nasty firepower if you let her. Dealing with Mileage isn't that hard, he's rather fragile for a reverse-joint AC and will fall easily to some heavy shots. Furthermore, he doesn't have any sort of missile defense, so missiles are effective against him. Blading Mileage is also a good idea, but note that he is also especially quick to strike with his own blade, so make sure you don't blade him head-on. He also lacks decent firepower for killing an AC outright so you don't need to worry about this too much. After Mileage is gone, you can now focus entirely on 7th Heaven. Since she's a tank, she has very limited mobility and is very easy to land hits on. You also have Carom helping you out in this mission as well, so it's all the more better.

If you choose to go after 7th Heaven first however, then it's best to kill her quickly, as she has weapons with high DPS and heat stress. Blading is also recommended as she has no melee weapons of any sort, but do note that she has a howitzer as well which can cancel your blade animation should you get hit by it, so avoid blading her head-on as well. Try to outmanuver her first before blading her. After she's down, simply finish off Mileage with your other weapons.


  • Can obtain left arm part CLB-LS-3771. You need to have started this mission as extra from Infiltrate New Fortress and complete the mission with Carom - Firebird alive and have over 70% AP.
  • Can obtain the FCS part PLS-SRA02. Boost to the top of the room. Sits atop the a duct or pipe.
  • Can obtain the right arm part CWGG-GRS-30. Destroy all the heat generator around the room.