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Tank Allure Emblem
Tank Allure
General information
Classification Artificial Intelligence
Gender None
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation None
Occupation Raven
Craft AC Killer Beagle
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core Last Raven

Tank Allure is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 23.

AC Killer Beagle[]

AC Killer Beagle

AC Killer Beagle

Tank-leg AC design with emphasis on solid-round defense performance. The unit's grenade launching weapon arms are capable of inflicting heavy damage. Equipped with grenade launcher weapon arms and dual back-mounted chain guns.


The easiest way to take on this AC is to make a tank AC with grenade arms and switch to second firing mode and hammer away. This guy does hit hard but is extremely slow. This allows the player to keep behind him and away from the powerful cannons. He isn't too dangerous however.



Armored Core: Last Raven Portable[]