Tank legs are a Leg type that allows movement similiar to real world tanks. They use caterpillar tracks to move and can mount overwhelming offensive power.


Slow and heavy, but very well armored and can support massive loads. These legs have usually the best defensive and armor points out of all the leg types. Tank ACs can fire any weapon even if moving or airborne. As stated above tank legs use caterpillar tracks and in some cases hover technology. Although these hover tanks usually are more mobile than caterpillar tanks they have less defense and armor. They are also not true hovers as they can still fall into water.

In 4 and For Answer, because the other legs can also use back cannons freely, tanks instead gain the ability to mount any arm unit in their hangar bays, even chain guns, bazookas, and grenade launchers. This gives tanks newfound endurance that the other leg types lack as they can mount high-power units through long missions.


The most severe weak point of the tank leg is its lack of mobility and speed making it nearly impossible to dodge attacks efficiently. As these kind of legs don't have any joints, they cannot jump, instead using built-in boosters to thrust upward. A disadvantage of this is that if the generator has been emptied and is recharging, the AC cannot leave the ground, unlike legged ACs which can jump. This also makes them poor at airborne combat.

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