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Do Su
Eras presentNational Dismantlement War
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AppearancesArmored Core 4
Armored Core: For Answer
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Technocrat is a military company that was once a state-owned enterprise of the former nation of Russia.


Offering mostly older technologies and generally falling behind in the engineering race, Technocrat's ties to Eqbal are the only things currently keeping this ailing Company afloat. Still clinging to their status as a controlling Company, if barely, the sun is poised to set permanently on Technocrat unless its minimal output sees improvement. By the time of Armored Core: For Answer, it is stated that their technology standard is poor overall and is quickly becoming obsolete in an advancing field. Simply put, they are a declining company that only meets the bare minimum to be a League member.

Part CharacteristicsEdit

Technocrat is a company that only manufactures basic rocket weaponry. Their products have no guiding systems, and as such are very hard to effectively use. The only redeeming features of their products is that they are cheap, energy efficient and quite powerful. Also, the BVS-50 rocket is the one out of two rocket-type shoulder weapon (with the other being Rayleonard's 09-FLICKER FLash Rocket), making it unnecessary to free a weapon slot; its function of completely breaking Primal Armor is also very deadly at trained hands. On the other hand, the main rocket weaponry is particularly very effective against large scale targets, such as Arms Forts. The scale of AFs make targeting almost unnecessary, and large rockets can bring down nearly any Arms Fort except Cabracan and Great Wall; even Spirit of Motherwill can be bruteforced using large rockets, and the rocket's very long range means that a NEXT can destroy a Land Crab before entering their firing range.

To make a long story short, Technocrat's rockets are best used on heavy craft designed to turn the battlefield into a smoking crater without turning the owner's wallet into a black hole, alternatively a lightweight for close range high speed combat with peashooter short-range weapons, that needs some extra long-ranged firepower.

Lynx Employed (Lynx NEXT)Edit

Lynx Employed (Lynx, NEXT)Edit

Lynx Name Next NameRankOriginalCurrent StatusAppearances
BorisovichBogomol25YesUnknown (Alive or KIA by Anatolia's Mercenary in Sandstorm Citadel)AC4
Do SuStarka19NoKIA, killed by the The Raven in Defeat Red Rum & StarkaAC:FA

NEXT Schematics Utilizing Technocrat PartsEdit


Introduced in Armored Core 4Edit

Arm WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
CPH-48 195,000CHand Rocket81471ShopRockets from this hand-mounted launcher explode on impact.

Back WeaponsEdit

Part ID PriceWeapon TypeWeightEN CostUnlockedNotes
BVS-50 900,000CRocket1628163Sandstorm CitadelHigh-powered, large-model rockets with huge explosions.
CP-48 100,000CRocket68750ShopThese standard rockets do not have lock-on systems.
CP-49 250,000CRocket1127288ShopUpgraded rockets, now able to fire more rockets at once.


  • Technocrat's emblem is a rocket, which hints at their only product.
  • Russia, also former Soviet Union, are also well known for their rocketry, especially the current generation of Soyuz rockets. This may be the reason why FROM Software decided the company to be Russian in origin, supported by Borisovitch's emblem of a cosmonaut.