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Ten Ton - Emblem

Ten Ton's Emblem

Ten Ton is a Raven in Armored Core: Nine Breaker. He is ranked 6th in the Arena.


The Raven who put together this AC did so with a single overriding goal; to ensure that he is always the last man standing. Heavy armor makes this one tough unit to crack.

AC Destroyer[]

Destroyer is a tank leg AC equipped with decoy dispensers, energy refill extensions, a pair of lightweight grenade launchers on the back, a two-shot sniper rifle and a machine gun.

AC Destroyer

AC Destroyer


Ten Ton is arguably the toughest opponent in the Arena despite his rank. He’s very adept at using his weapons so don’t fool around with him. He will usually switch to his grenade launchers right away so pay attention to his shots and dodge accordingly. Despite his somewhat low mobility, his use of the JIREN extensions allow him to boost longer than he should be able to, so expect him to go airborne at times.

Due to his accuracy with his grenade launchers , staying further away is advised as his accuracy diminishes at longer ranges. Should you choose to remain close to him, he will continually bombard you with them while relentlessly shooting his machine gun which can deal a lot of damage. It’s not advised to face him on a tank for this reason as his grenade launcher + machine gun combo can strip off chunks of AP in no time.

Fortunately, while all of his weapons pack a big punch, they have limited ammo. A viable tactic would be to run circles around him or around the map while continuously evading & moving to avoid damage. Once he has run out on his grenades, you’ll only need to worry about his machine gun & sniper rifle both of which are less dangerous than the grenades. But do note that he is quite accurate with all of his weapons so take care not to let him get behind you.

Since he’s a tank, he does harbor good defense so use weapons that can bring him down quickly. Linear rifles/cannons are a good choice as they can stun him & hinder his movements, while missiles are also viable to use on him, since he rarely uses his decoys.