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Test New Technology is a mission in Silent Line: Armored Core.

Armored Core Silent Line - Mission Test New Technology 0001

The MG-AOxx/131α approaching.


Test New Technology Details

Mission Details

Requester: Crest

Advance: 0

Upon success: 31000c

Operation Area: Archive Airpsace

Enemy Forces: Power Suits x 9

Objective: Participate in test exercise

Operation Code: Strange Toy

Client Name: Crest

Place Name: Archive Airspace

Start Time: 19:00

Security Level: 1

Estimated Success Rate: 20%

Recommended Raven Rank: B


Test New Technology Big White

Mission Briefing

"Our scientists are hard at work refining what could be a revolutionary breakthrough in generator enhancement. We'd like you to participate in the next round of tests."

"The technology is still at an early stage of development, but the prospects are encouraging. What AC pilot wouldn't enjoy expanded generator capacity and reduced energy consumption."

"Should research efforts pan out as we expect them to, the breakthrough would open avenues in AC development previously thought to be unattainable."

"The test will be conducted under conditions that normally push generators to their limits: aerial combat and maneuvers."

"The test consists of two parts: missile avoidance, and combat actions against targets we will designate. We expect you to push your performance levels to the limit."



Commander: "Test preparations are almost complete."

Commander: "We'll start with missiles."

Commander: "Do your best to avoid being hit."

Commander: "At no time are you allowed to fire back on our units."

Commander: "Session results recorded. Let's continue."

Commander: "Commence your attack."

Commander: "Test complete..."

Commander: "What?!"

Commander: "These aren't our units!"

Commander: "We're under attack, Raven, protect the transports!"

Emma: "Are these Mirage's"

Emma: "Raven, you're surrounded. I hope you're prepared."

Emma: "What is that thing?!"

Emma: "We made it. Thank you for your help Raven."


Any AC will work on this mission. You will notice something when you are boosting. You tend to boost longer than usual because the "new technology" is equipped on your AC. For the machine that looks like a Leviathan, anything will work. The fastest and easiest way is get on top of it and slash it with a blade. It will die after 4-5 slashes (if using the MOONLIGHT laser blade).


  • Can obtain the back part booster MWB-MX/WAKE. Do not get hit by any missiles the MPTA19 throw at you in the first segment and destroy both MPTA19 and the small enemy MTs in under 110 seconds once the timer is up. You can get hit with missiles after the first timed segment is up and still receive the part. With a light AC and decent booster can stay hidden behind a plane for the duration of the test. There is no time limit for the big MT.
  • The mission screen shows a picture of an IC-003-IN (Big White), suggesting that the technology came from the remains of a previously destroyed one.