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Test Track No 6

Test Track No. 6

Test Track No. 6 is a location in Armored Core. It is a simulated urban city environment located within a Chrome research facility.


Test Track No. 6 is an arena built to simulate an urban city environment. It was constructed to test new prototype weapons in a unique and challenging environment where height, cover, and movement all can play a large part in a unit's tactics. It has a field or shatterproof barrier running all around it which allow for spectators to observe battles. The site is used to test out the Chaos 0.9 MT against The Raven. This time, two units have been built which are destroyed by The Raven. It is expected that this data was then taken and used in either improving the AI system or helping construct a Chaos 1.0 unit.

Test Track No. 6 is an area of combat in the mission Prototype MT Test.