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The Animal is a Raven seen in Armored Core 2. His rank is #5 in the Arena.

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A heavy, durable AC bristling with weapons. The pilot is feared for his furious style of combat in which no quarter is given and none is expected.

AC Death Penalty[]

Death Penalty is a heavyweight bipedal AC equipped with relation missile extensions, a middle missile launcher that fires 4 missiles at once, a chain gun, a spread bazooka, a laser blade and an overboost core. Due to the Human PLUS enhancements of the pilot the unit can fire blade waves and fire the back mounted chain gun while moving. It is also capable of ignoring weight restrictions.


The Animal is literally a beast of an AC and will devastate you with his powerful weapons. Due to a potential AI bug, he doesn't use normal boost, instead walking toward you. This proves to be his greatest weakness. In areas with solid cover, like Falna Crater and Malea Base, you can get on a ledge and watch as he will just walk towards you. This means that you can hit him with vertical missiles in the latter case or the dual and quad missiles in the regardless. Even if you don't finish him off, he will be heavily damaged you can kill him quickly. In any case, avoid being caught in his chain of attacks.



  • Image courtesy of TMRaven.
  • In the Japanese version, The Animal is known as Animado (アニマド).



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