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A massive AI computer that runs all of Layered, The Controller (DOVE in the Japanese version) is a key fixture in Armored Core 3 that allows society to run, but eventually becomes the main antagonist in the story.


The Controller was created for the purpose of maintaining and commanding society, assigning roles to citizens, creating infrastructure, and manipulating the corporations. Despite its advanced nature, the AI is flawed, and degrades with time, thus setting into motion the events of Armored Core 3, where it systematically destroys the Layered infrastructure and support systems. It is speculated that this function was included in the AI on purpose, and that the builders of the AI assumed that by the time the Controller began malfunctioning and losing effectiveness, the scars of the previous war would have healed enough for the citizens of Layered to leave their sheltered lives and return to the surface. This is reinforced by the Controller's final directive, which opens the blast doors leading to the surface after its destruction.


Throughout Armored Core 3, The Controller has access to a variety of advanced weapons and technology.


The Controller's ACs use a variety of parts, but most are from Mirage. All four models exhibit OP-INTENSIFY abilities, making them very dangerous.

MTs and other units[]

The Controller also appears to have many other units at its disposal, including remote-controlled versions of most MTs used by the corporations, as well as two custom units: a massive MT and another massive submersible weapon.


Infiltrate Layered Hub - Controller 2

The Controller shuts down upon the destruction of its emergency reactor.

The Controller is destroyed at the end of Armored Core 3, starting an emergency program that causes massive blast doors to open, allowing access to the surface world and the discovery of a new threat: the Silent Line.



  • Based on what it says at the end of Master of the Arena, the Controller is very similar in function to Hustler One. However the Hustler One AI battles the player with an custom AC much more like IBIS than anything else.
  • Its Japanese name DOVE goes along with the avian naming scheme of the AI in charge of the second Layered in the Silent Line, IBIS.
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