The Foundation
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LeaderThe Foundation Leader
Known membersReaper Squad
Eras presentThe Verdict War
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The Foundation is a research organization dedicated to restoring lost technology. They appear as the primary antagonist alongside the Reaper Squad in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


The Foundation has provided advanced technology to numerous other factions. Although it has huge military power, it is a neutral faction that merely sells technology.

It was founded by a group called the Migrants, although there are rumors that its existence predates the other three major powers.

Role in Verdict DayEdit

Fairly early into the game, the Foundation orchestrates a "Mini-Coup" by activating a "Black-Box" that they planted into the UNACS' source-code. The reason for this, according to the Foundation Leader, was for research to test mankind for attributes similiar to that of the Dark Raven. They also seem to fund, or at least are allied with the Reaper Squad, and have (seemingly) developed a Armored Core NEXT copy that resembles the White Glint, called the N-WGIX/N-WGIX/v ; including the reactivation of several old-world weapons (such as the To-605Scavenger, Ootheca and Ammon, as well as the Exusia), reactivated the hidden functions of several Towers, were in the middle of refurbishing a Last-Age weapon (Spirit-Class Moving Fortress) and also developed a new unit, the LiV


  • The Foundation are somewhat similiar to the Matrixs' Machines, although cyborganic instead of pure robots. they also prefer to use unmanned units, adding even more to the similarities.