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The Iron Path is a mercenary group appearing in Armored Core: Verdict Day.


A mercenary group known as "The Iron Path," which employed a unique combat style founded on the methods of traditional martial arts. Mystery surrounds the organization's beginnings, but rumors claim the so-called truths practiced by The Iron Path's membership are the legacy of the Last Age, or that they are secrets revealed by arcane gods. The group was founded by Daiji Shinjin and their members were given ranks depended on their skill.

The following ranks are known:

  • The introductory rank is "Tiger," indicating a lack of "tempering," the Iron Path's term for raw combat experience.
  • The instructor-class rank of "Dragon," indicating having undergone extensive training and having mastered the fundamental truths of combat.
  • The supreme rank of "Phoenix", being held by the founder and leader.



  • It is possible that the ranks and AC names are connected as all known Tiger piloted a Hakutei AC and both Dragons piloted a Sotei AC.
  • Both Hakutei-type ACs features a CE core, while the Sotei-type ones have a KE core.
  • The Hakutei II and the Sotei II features a more ruined emblem than their I correspective model.
  • The ranks are a reference to the four beasts of Chinese legend: the white tiger, the azure dragon, and the vermillion bird. There is no rank representing the black tortoise, however.