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The Three Wise Men (Fugen) is a Migrant who appears in Armored Core V.


A migrant encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions and a member of the small group 'The Three Wise Men'. The main enemy of Order Mission 37, he pilots the AC Fugen.


Encountered in Order Mission 37 at the Marine Facility, The Three Wise Men (Fugen) is a man of very few words, and he very rarely speaks, to both friend or foe. He primarily keeps to himself, instead focusing primarily on the task at hand. Even though the Three Wise Men are a group, they all prefer to work alone, including Fugen.

AC Fugen[]

In-game information: A heavyweight, bipedal AC equipped with an experimental, missile-type sentry gun. Its main armament are an autocannon and a battle rifle that excels at medium-range combat. The missile-type sentry gun enables it to be suitable for long-range combat as well. Although its overall durability is good, it is held back by its low anti-KE performance.

Fugen is a heavyweight bipedal AC with a bright blue/purple colouration, high AP and is armed with weapons that excel at multiple ranges. Its armaments consist of an autocannon, short-range missiles, missile-type sentry launcher and a battle rifle, and uses these weapons according to the current situation. However, it lacks in overall mobility and cannot keep up with other, more agile ACs.


  • AP: 47047
  • KE: 926
  • CE: 1773
  • TE: 3536


If there is one thing to note about Fugen, it's that he's adaptable, using his weapons when the situation arises. At long-range, he will primarily use his sentry launcher. At medium-long range, he will switch to rain a hail of bullets with his autocannon. At close-range however, he will swap out his sentry launcher for his powerful battle rifle and short-range missiles to deal significant damage.

The fight with Fugen takes place in the Marine Facility, near the ocean. The player will be positioned further inland at the large, tower-like structure in the center, with Fugen out on the large bridge. Immediately, he will try to get as far away from the player as possible, and wear their AP down with his sentry launcher's missiles. It is recommended to bring a CIWS or Optical chaff to negate the potent damage of those missiles. Once the player gets within range, Fugen will immediately swap out to his autocannon to attack them. If the player gets too close however, he will disengage and attack with a combo of battle rifle and short-range missile fire.

The only worrying thing for most players is his high AP, which will spoil your chances of getting the mission done within 30 seconds. However, his low KE performance should give most a good advantage over him.

Weapons such as rifles, shotguns, gatling guns, high-power handguns, physical blades, KE missiles (spread, high-speed, vertical, vtf and large) and rocket launchers will deal large amounts of damage. In terms of CE, battle rifles, CE missiles (short-range, stealth, AS and medium), HEAT Howitzers, HEAT Rockets and HEAT cannons will also do very well against him. Even weapons, such as sniper cannons, autocannons, KE cannons, railcannons, Howitzer cannons, bombs and counter guns will also be effective armaments.

Use a highly-mobile medium-weight biped and engage at close-range with a complement of hard-hitting CE and KE weaponry, or snipe from afar with a sniper-capable quad to deal deadly damage in seconds. Equipping the sniper cannon with the highest optimal range rating is paramount to success.

Clearing with an S-rank is not too difficult, just simply mow down all incoming missiles with a CIWS or disable them with optical chaff. Getting the 30 second subquest however, can be a real pain. Equip a powerful generator, boosters and an UW (specifically the Legion Pulse, Grind Blade or Mass Blade) approach, charge up and either shoot, clubber or butcher his AC in a single hit.