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ClassificationArtificial Intelligence
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CraftAC Fracture
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AppearancesArmored Core Last Raven

Toothpick is an AI Ranker in the Last Raven VR Arena. Its rank is 24.

AC FractureEdit

AC Fracture

AC Fracture

Lightweight, two leg model equipped with auxiliary boosters. Equipped laser rifle offers good firepower, but doesn't mesh well with the lightweight design. Equipped with the late 3rd generation Karasawa laser rifle, back-mounted auxiliary boosters, the starter laser blade and a lightweight solid-shell E.O. core for additional firepower. Due to the aid of OP-INTENSIFY, the unit has prolonged boost duration and mobility is also not affected by the unit being overweight.


Under normal circumstances, her AC would be insanely overweight and she would be a joke. But the OP-INTENSIFY attributes render all of that a nonissue, and thus she is able to boost and fly around for as long as she likes, this can make the battle rather annoying. She loves to launch herself really high into the air whilst firing down at you with her Karasawa, and her highly erratic movements also make it very tough to keep a beat on her. She also has a lightweight EO Core which gives her some extra firepower. Simply put, for starters, it is going to be a pain in the ass.

The recommended strategy to face her is to have good lock-on ability, as her high mobility means that she can easily get out of your lock-sight when you are trying to target her. Another tip is to bring heavy-hitting weapons like her own weapon or weapons with high rates of fire, as her frame is rather fragile for a lightweight AC, so she can be put down quickly if you can land many good hits on her. Recommended weapons include machine guns, linear rifles and even the KRSW itself.

The other tip is avoid much of her attacks as possible, as even though the Karasawa is nerfed in this game, it can still deal good damage if it connects, so avoiding her shots will help greatly when fighting her.



Armored Core: Last Raven PortableEdit


  • Fracture is the Crest Assault Type AC seen in the Armored Core: Silent Line opening movie, with the exception of not having the CROW extensions, as they were removed after Silent Line. It is still overweight when the player tries to build up her AC as Human PLUS is only available to the AI in Last Raven.
  • The pilot of this AC is apparently female. If you look at the back of the manual of Armored Core Silent line, you can see Fracture overlooking a city, with a woman (presumed to be the pilot, Toothpick) standing next to it, her back to the viewer.
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