Totient is a Lynx in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #8 among the ORCA Lynxes.


NEXT Gray Gloom

Information Edit

Once in Collared's top 10 ranking, he realized that he wouldn't live much longer, and so joined ORCA. His fighting style, which relies on heavily reinforced Assault Armor, exposes enemies to risky, almost suicidal maneuvers.

Totient is encountered in the hard mode of "Defend Arteria Carpals" after defeating Julius Emery.

NEXT Gray Gloom Edit

Totient's white and gray NEXT Gray Gloom is completely about getting close to you, or getting you close to him, so he can blow you away with Assault Armor. He's got a 01-HITMAN Machine Gun to deal damage as well as a 02-DRAGONSLAYER laser blade, and an MP-O200I Scatter Missile while waiting for the chance to explode. What makes his NEXT dangerous is his TORUS-built P-MARROW Assault Amplifier, which, exactly what is written on the description, amplifies Assault Armor attack power.
ACFA totient

NEXT Gray Gloom


Order MatchEdit

He has only one basic strategy, which is to get close to you and use assault armor on you. Since he has AA empowering shoulder units, he is more deadly than any other NEXT's Assault Armor (Exept Gachirin's Assault Cannon.) If he can't get to you, he will then try to ether fire at you with a Rayleonard machinegun or using his laser blade on you (only to get close.) 

To counter this, you should use grenade launchers on him so that when he gets close to you, you can just blow him away. A different method would be to use a 051ANNR rifle and a 063ANAR assault rifle and quick dash from side to side and don't let up on the fire.

An issue he always runs into with this line of tactics is that the LINSTANT/G's poor EN output can leave his NEXT drained of fuel to move after an attempted PA bombing.


Most of the time, you will still have Noblesse Oblige with you. Let him take the brunt of the Assault Armor attack, and catch Totient in a pincer attack. Totient's very low armor should last him no more than a minute (which is just as well, considering you need to kill him before his Primal Armor recharges).After he arrives, wait for him to use AA on Gerald then hit him with grenades or plasma cannons an he will die in a single shot due to his low AP and defenses.

Parts Edit


  • Thanks to Regulation 1.40's extended Primal Armor recharge time from engaging Assault Armor, Totient is much more vulnerable than in the original Regulation 1.00, in which he can "explode" as often as once every 15-20 seconds if required.
  • While it is never mentioned why his time is limited, it may be assumed his earlier experience of battle comes from Akva Vit, meaning he is most likely, just as Tepes V, poisoned by Kojima Energy
  • Gerald directed the 'blue irregular' to julius, but this is an odd statement. Julius has a white AC detailed in pink coloring. This could be a mistranslation or he might of mistaken her for Totient.
    • Suppose that he mistook her for Totient. This would reveal that he in fact took down the Carpals facility either alone or along side Julius and may have placed his faith in her to guard the facility as he retreats from the combat zone to replenish and recover himself from the damage he might of taken.
  • In the ORCA path, Since Strayed Occupied the Arteria facility, this would mean Totient and Julius were not present at this event, their Location may have been elsewhere, As Thermidor dictated that Strayed was the last Member of ORCA during the final phase of the closed Plan this would mean that Totient died by Kojima Poisoning if not on a suicide mission.