A Tower

"The Towers, huh? They're a mystery too"
— Fatman talking about the Towers and the weapons they lodge

Towers are massive, technologically advanced structures that appear in Armored Core: Verdict Day. There are a total of 7 towers with a height of 20km each. They also seem to contain large amounts of unmanned weaponry.


Towers are so massive that their interiors have not been fully mapped. There are numerous Towers dotted across the globe and all contain large amounts of ancient technology (from the 4-FA era, presumably) as well as other supplies. When they were first discovered, the towers emitted large amounts of Kojima particles, although this seems to have subsided by the time of Armored Core: Verdict Day.

Most of the weapons housed in the Towers seem to be automated drones (Ammons, Oothecas, Scavengers, L.L.L.s, etc.), although there are also technologies related to the NEXTs of AC4/FA. The automated nature of the weaponry is suggested by the statement of the Foundation's Leader: that once the N-WGIX is destroyed, the out-of-control automatic weapons housed inside the Towers will destroy the humans.