Trasher - Emblem

Trasher's Emblem

Trasher is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 17th in the Arena.


Heavyweight AC design equipped with a balanced selection of weaponry. Pilot is capable of engaging targets from multiple ranges effectively.

Contracted to investigate the filtration plant along with Vernhunt, the two end up fighting The Raven on the rooftops of the plant. It remains open-ended whether Trasher is killed by The Raven or if he witnesses Vernhunt being destroyed before retreating.

AC Ferrum SlaveEdit

Ferrum Slave is a heavyweight bipedal AC equipped with relay missile extensions, a multi-missile launcher, a back radar, a hi-laser rifle, a laser blade and an overboost core.
AC Ferrum Slave

AC Ferrum Slave


Trasher is in reality an easy foe, he may seem difficult to beat at first, but once you figure out his attack patterns, he becomes laughably easy. His strategy is to simply walk around while firing missile salvos at you continually, and after a while he will then switch to his hi-laser rifle.

SInce he largely walks around instead of boosting around on the battlefield, he is more akin to a sitting duck than anything else really, also due to him being a heavy bipedal he's rather easy to outmaneuver, so it is actually very easy to beat him. Rain down loads of dual machine gun rounds on him and he will fall very easily. He does tend to use Overboost at irregular intervals but it also has the tendency to overheat his own AC, so it is possible to keep him grounded while hammering away at him.



"Ferrum " is the latin term for "Iron", which makes Trasher's AC translate as "Iron Slave", which reflects his ACs heavy build

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