Triturate - Emblem

Triturate is a Raven working for Alliance and serves as second in command to the Alliance Tactical Unit.


Not a particularly skilled pilot, his unwavering loyalty to Evangel is probably the reason for his rank in the Alliance Tactical Unit . When Evangel switches sides, Triturate is the only Raven to join him. He is encountered in the mission "Destroy AC Vigilance ".

AC Vigilance/Balius & XanthusEdit

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Quad-leg AC model equipped with laser weapon arms. The units overall combat performance rates as average, but its weapon arms do pose a real threat.


The overall strategy can be summed up in a few words: stay away from those laser cannon arms. While they pale to previous incarnations, they are still extremely powerful and can eat you alive if you're not careful. If you treat them like the LX then you'll do fine. He has some AMS capabilities and some dodging but missiles still do a good job of finding their way home and he doesn't do that much dodging and can easily be outpaced.



  • In Armored Core: Nexus, Triturate was always in the bottom ranks and never got higher than a few ranks.
  • The WL-MOONLIGHT can be obtained by defeating Triturate in the mission Destroy AC Vigilance.
  • In Japan, his Callsign was Trot.S.Spur
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