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Turbinid Manned Unit

Turbinid is the unofficial fan name for the helicopter unit that appears in Armored Core 3 and in Silent Line: Armored Core.


The Turbinid unit is a small manned helicopter slight larger than a car. Its weapons include a small rocket launcher and a burst machine gun. The unit has weaker weapons and some decent mobility. It will often maneuver its way out of enemy lock-ons. Helicopters most often appear in considerably large groups serving more as a distraction. Their armor is very weak meaning that they can be taken down in a single shot (in most cases). They also can be equipped with searchlights during nighttime, to spot potential targets.


  • Burst Machine Gun
  • Small Rocket Launcher


The Turbinid helicopter unit appears as an enemy in the following missions:

The Turbinid helicopter unit also appears as an enemy in Silent Line, in the following missions: