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Turmoil - Emblem

Turmoil's Emblem

Turmoil, also known as Gaku Krishma in Japanese (ガク・キリシマ), is a Raven in Armored Core: Nexus. He is ranked 13th in the Arena.


AC design incorporating thermal stress inducing weapons. Combat is limited to close-range due to the pilot's preferred weapon load out.

AC Brimstone (US)/Sacred Fire (JP)[]

Brimstone is a midweight bipedal AC equipped with dual-back rocket launchers, anti-missile extensions, a flamethrower, a handgun and a solid-shell EO core. In the Japanese version, Brimstone is known as 御神火 (Goshinka), meaning "sacred fire".

AC Brimstone

AC Brimstone


If there's anything to note facing this guy, keep the hell away from him! That flamethrower in combination with the handgun can overheat you within seconds, so it is paramount that you stay as far as you can from him. His rockets also incur some heat stress but they not nearly as dangerous as his flamethrower, if you have enough mobility to avoid them, you should be fine.




  • The word Turmoil means a state of disturbance or uncertainty. The word Brimstone is another name for Sulfur. Brimstone can also mean 'Fire and Brimstone' AKA Hell in Christian Mythology. All this fits the pilot's theme of fire (such as the flamethrower he wields and inflicting thermal stress damage on his opponents).
  • His AC's name is Japanese, 御神火 (go-shin-ka), translates to "sacred fire".