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Underground Railway is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: Zio Matrix Earth

Advance: 0

Upon success: 74000

Theater of operations: Underground Railway

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Destroy all enemy forces

File No: R-UN-0956

Code Name: Long Kiss

Client: Zio Matrix Earth

Opponent: Zio Matrix

Place: Underground Railway

Weather: Rain

Mission Start Time: 0:15

Estimated Success Rate: 35%


I'd like to make a request as representative of Zio Matrix's Earth
Headquarters. As you know, we're at war with Zio Matrix's Mars

Clearly this was caused by LCC's high-handed attitude. The battle
isn't in our favor, so yesterday we made a peace proposal with LCC
during a meeting held on Earth.

However, the Mars Division adjourned the meeting in fierce
disagreement. We don't want to make the situation any worse, but we're
concerned about something they said.

Their last words were: "We still have a card up our sleeve."

Since the meeting, the Mars Division has ceased all communications and
dispatched troops to the underground railway. This must be the "card"
they were referring to.

We also sent teams to the railway, but have since lost connect with
them. We have no choice but to ask for you help. Please infiltrate the
railway and stop them.



Nell: "AC detected. High heat source detected...It’s moving. Heat source is increasing..."

AC: "Help me! Hel..."

Nell: "It’s extremely hot...What is it...? We have no data on this unit. Be careful!!"


It is best recommended to have a laser blade with rockets as well as a head with a bio-sensor for this mission. You start off in the same place where the previous mission Remove Disorder Units ended. The Disorder units at the beginning of the level don't need to be killed, so you can just ignore them. Proceed to the subway station, and from there make your way through the newly open tunnel to the inner section of the map. There's a breakable panel on top and below of the room. Destroying the panel on top will lead you to a shaft where the secret shield part is located, destroying the panel below will lead you to another shaft that will then lead you to the real thing: the large Disorder Unit. Get up close to the Disorder unit and slash away at it until it's dead.


  • There is a hidden left arm weapon (ZES-99/MIRROR) in this mission. It is hidden in the room with the vent. Look up and break the cover, then fly up and get the part.
  • You should equip a head with a bio sensor for this mission.



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