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One of the underwater hallways.

Undersea Base is a location in Armored Core. It is located northeast of Agrea.


Undersea Base is an underwater, abandoned base that has had its security system of Cerberus and Crusader MTs left intact. It is made up of long hallways, some of which have reinforced glass along their sides. It is possible to view the flora and fauna of the ocean world outside through the windows which shows such regular fish, gulper eels and sting rays. There are also a few arrival docks. Boss Savage uses this location as a trap against The Raven hoping to leave him without any means of escaping to the surface. The Raven manages to break through the base and finds an abandoned submarine which he then uses to escape. It is expected that with the facility sealed off, it has remained abandoned.

Undersea Base is an area of combat in the missions:


  • The fact that gulper eels can be found at this location indicates that the base was built on the ocean floor.