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Emblem ACVI V IV Rusty
V.IV Rusty
General information
Japanese name V.IV ラスティ
Classification Augmented Human
Gender Male
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Arquebus Corporation
Rubicon Liberation Front
Occupation AC pilot
Rank Arena: 09/B
Vespers: V.IV
Eras present Coral War
Real world information
Voice actor English: Chris Hackney
Japanese: Yasuyuki Kase

V.IV Rusty is an Augmented Human serving as an Armored Core pilot and a squad leader of the Arquebus Corporation's elite squad of Augmented Humans, the Vespers during the Coral War.

He is ranked 09/B in ALLMIND's virtual Arena.


Press asset Armored Core VI Gameplay Trailer Image 16

Raven (left) and Rusty (right) face the RLF's JUGGERNAUT

During Arquebus' Operation Wallclimber, operation director V.II Snail sends Rusty to The Wall as part of the efforts to take it from the Rubicon Liberation Front. On Rusty's way inside, he eliminates numerous RLF defenders including MTs and an HA-T-102 JUGGERNAUT mobile artillery platform, whose operator recognized Rusty from Middle Flatwell's files and questioned why Rusty was attacking the RLF.[1] There at the top of the Wall he joins the independent mercenary C4-621 "Raven" in fighting another JUGGERNAUT. Rusty instructs Raven to hit the JUGGERNAUT's blind spots while he distracts it with STEEL HAZE's speed, and their eventual victory marks the success of Operation Wallclimber. In a private debriefing afterwards, Rusty confides to Raven (whom he now treats as a "war buddy") about Arquebus' secret plan to sacrifice independent mercenaries in the operation, and that Raven's surprising survival will be remembered by both the corporation and himself.[2] From that point on, Rusty shows an undaunted respect for Raven's skill and distinctly refers to them as "buddy" (戦友, sen'yuu, war buddy/comrade).

Screenshot ACVI MissionAttackTheOldSpaceport Rusty arrives

STEEL HAZE arrives at Old Bertram Spaceport to help Raven battle PCA elites

As a war then breaks out between the corporations and the Planetary Closure Administration, Rusty participates in Arquebus' contributions to the war effort. He joins Raven in attacking the PCA-occupied Old Bertram Spaceport,[3] then manually handles the RaD Overed Rail Cannon instrumental in disabling the nigh-impenetrable shielding of the PCA's massive ICE WORM.[4]

By the time the corporations fight one another for control over Watchpoint Alpha, Rusty is acknowledged for his prowess to the point that Arquebus considers him a candidate for their planned interception of a Redguns force consisting of dozens of MTs and even the legendary Redguns commander G1 Michigan.[5] After Arquebus' victory against the Redguns, Rusty is sent to pursue an unknown force interfering with Arquebus' investigation of the Watchpoint, only for the target to turn out to be Raven, who Arquebus sent there for similar reasons. Rusty suspects that Arquebus pitted the two against each other to eliminate them as potential threats, and although Rusty himself finds it disagreeable, he resigns himself to his task because "Rubicon still needs [Rusty]." As they fight, Rusty becomes convinced that Raven is a threat and confesses that despite all their time together, he still cannot ascertain Raven's motives. Rusty ultimately flees when STEEL HAZE is outmatched,[6] and Arquebus presumes he died in the battle.[7]

Emblem ACVI V IV Rusty Second

Rusty's emblem following his public estrangement from Arquebus

At the end of the Coral War, the fighting converges around Xylem, the Floating City as Overseer commandeers it to crash into the Arquebus-controlled Vascular Plant, and it is as the Xylem nears its target that Rusty returns. Now sporting a new emblem and piloting an advanced Elcano AC, STEEL HAZE ORTUS, he reveals his true nature — an undercover agent for the Rubicon Liberation Front.[8][7]

Fires of Raven route[]

Rusty attacks the Xylem following the defeat of Arquebus's interceptor fleet and engages the Xylem's defender, Raven. With the catastrophe about to befall Rubicon due to Raven's actions, Rusty decides that his initial conclusion about Raven was correct. Rusty then voices his frustrations towards the endless injustice Rubicon has suffered because of the corporations and questions the source of Raven's resolve. Raven ultimately kills him, and out of respect for Rusty's character, Overseer "Cinder" Carla asks Raven to remember him.[8]

Liberator of Rubicon route[]

Screenshot ACVI DestroyTheDriveBlock Rusty arrives

STEEL HAZE ORTUS arrives to stop the Xylem

Rusty is the first to respond to Ayre's call around Rubicon for assistance with stopping the Xylem. Thanks to Rusty's efforts throughout the conflict, the RLF has assets (including Schneider's AC's) that assist their sudden uprising against the corporations, even against the recently militarily-strengthened Arquebus. Rusty himself accompanies Raven in destroying the Xylem's generators and an EC-0804 SMART CLEANER; like in their prior fight against the JUGGERNAUT, Rusty plays the role of decoy while Raven lands critical hits.[7]

When Arquebus sends a fleet to eliminate the two, Rusty — now considered a traitor by Arquebus — splits off to handle them so Raven can continue the mission unimpeded. Raven then disables the rest of the Xylem's generators and defeats the AAP07A ARQUEBUS BALTEUS piloted by Snail while Rusty brings down the fleet. Just as an exhausted Rusty opens communications to check on Raven, his signal abruptly cuts off as he is killed in an instant by Handler Walter with the Ibis-series AC, IB-C03: HAL 826.[7]

Alea Iacta Est route[]

Following Rusty's defeat at Watchpoint Alpha[6] and Snail's death at Institute City,[9] the Vesper left to lead the Arquebus forces at the Watchpoint becomes V.VIII Pater.[10] ALLMIND later attacks the Xylem with six copies of the Vespers' ACs.[11]


Arranged according to in-game Replay Mission order.

Chapter 1[]

"Operation Wallclimber"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
- "Do you read me? This is V.IV Rusty. You're fast--guess you're sharper than they say. I'll have to step up my own game." - -
Cutscene "You must be Raven... One of the infamous Handler Walter's hounds. Interesting. You ready to climb the Wall?" "君がレイヴンか... あのハンドラー・ウォルターの子飼いらしいな. これも巡り合わせだ. ともに壁越えといこうじゃないか"

("So you are Raven... That Handler Walter's protege, I hear. This must be fate. Let's climb the Wall together.")

Following the cutscene "That's the JUGGERNAUT, a heavy mobile cannon. I wouldn't recommend taking it head on. It won't be able to keep up with STEEL HAZE—I'll distract it while you hit its blind spot." - -
- "That's the stuff. Walter knows how to pick 'em." - -
Player AC destroyed before he leaves "They got Raven, huh. ...What a waste." - -
JUGGERNAUT's second phase is triggered before it is defeated "This is V.IV... Understood. Raven, I just got an update from Snail at Command. We've got enemy reinforcements incoming. If I don't intercept them, we're both toast. Hate to leave you like this, but you'll have to finish without me!" - -
JUGGERNAUT is defeated before V.IV Rusty is scripted to leave "So that's how the hound fights. I'll take care of mopping up the remaining hostiles. With luck, maybe we'll meet again." - -
Debriefing "We're war buddies now. I think I should tell you something. During Operation Wallclimber... Arquebus was planning to sacrifice you. The plan was to use independent mercenaries to clear the way so that the Vespers could step in and take over. But instead... you took the Wall. The higher-ups are going to remember you now, that's for sure. As will I." - -

Chapter 3[]

"Attack the Refueling Base"[]

Chapter 4[]

"Unknown Territory Survey"[]

Condition English Japanese Audio
First cutscene; triggered once the player achieves Objective 1: "Reach the heart of the unknown territory" "Go deal with a mercenary who went in alone, they said... Figures. Seems both of us are too dangerous to keep around. And the higher-ups wouldn't miss an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Hate to say it, but... Rubicon still needs me. So, buddy. Who needs you?" "独断で突入した傭兵を始末しろという話だったが。なるほど・・・突出した個人はもはや不要ということか。そしてあわよくば不穏分子も共倒れ・・・上の連中の考えそうなことだ。このラスティには・・・ルビコンで為すべきことがある。戦友。君はどうだ。" ("I was told to take care of a lone, intruding mercenary, but... I see... Looks like this means that exceptional individuals are unnecessary anymore. And if lucky, have the dissidents take out each other... Sounds like something the higher-ups would came up with. I, Rusty... Still have something to accomplish in Rubicon. Comrade. How about you?")
Introductory dialogue, second line "I don't want to dance to their tune, but this time, I don't have any other choice. I'm coming, buddy." - -
- "You never change. You're not afraid to die... or to kill." - -
STEEL HAZE uses its first Repair Kit "...This has been a real eye-opener. You're strong—a threat...!" - -
STEEL HAZE uses its second Repair Kit "You're sharp... but that's not the only thing that makes you dangerous. I've fought alongside you several times, but I never could figure you out. Tell me, buddy. What drives you?" - -
Player AC's AP drops to 50% "I know you can do better than that." - -
Player AC destroyed "...Too bad, buddy. We barely got to know each other." - -
Second cutscene; triggered by STEEL HAZE's defeat "Never failed to impress... But this isn't over yet... Buddy. There's no graver threat than power without purpose!" - -
Alt Mission: Middle Flatwell introductory dialogue, fourth line; triggered after STEEL HAZE uses its first Repair Kit "Oh, I see it, Uncle. But potential and danger are birds of a feather." - -
Alt Mission: Middle Flatwell defeat dialogue, second line; triggered if TSUBASA is defeated before STEEL HAZE "Get out of here, Flatwell. You still have work to do." - -
Alt Mission: STEEL HAZE uses its second Repair Kit "You're good... And that's not the only thing that makes you a threat." - -
Alt Mission: STEEL HAZE uses its third Repair Kit "Something's... changed since last time. But you still haven't found a purpose." - -
Alt Mission: V.IV Rusty defeat dialogue; triggered if STEEL HAZE is defeated before TSUBASA "Never failed to impress... But this isn't over yet!" - -
Alt Mission: Second cutscene; triggered if STEEL HAZE is defeated after TSUBASA "Never failed to impress... But this isn't over yet... Buddy. Find your purpose. Then we'll settle this!" - -

Chapter 5[]

Fires of Raven path[]

"Breach the Kármán Line"[]
Condition English Japanese Audio
First cutscene "Here we are... buddy. I was right all along... You were just another threat to Rubicon." - -
Rusty introductory dialogue, second line; triggered following cutscene "Even with the combined might of the corporations, I couldn't stop you... But this new AC can." - -
STEEL HAZE ORTUS uses its first Repair Kit "They've always been after Rubicon... taking what they can get. Someone has to put an end to this injustice!" - -
STEEL HAZE ORTUS uses its second Repair Kit "Where did this... resolve come from? You must have chosen something... sacrificed something... You found your purpose... didn't you, buddy?!" - -
STEEL HAZE ORTUS activates Terminal Armor; triggered by defeating STEEL HAZE ORTUS once "I won't stop! I'll chase the clouds from over Rubicon... Only I can fly high enough!" - -
Player AC's AP drops to 30% "Always were at your best under pressure, buddy. But this ends here and now!" - -
Player AC's AP drops to 30% after STEEL HAZE ORTUS is defeated once "Must be heavy, this purpose you found. It's too late now, but it didn't have to be this way!"
The player is defeated by Rusty "...Farewell, buddy. Things will change—but I'll remember you." - -
Rusty is defeated "You flew just out of reach... Buddy..." - -

Liberator of Rubicon path[]

"Destroy the Drive Block"[]
Condition English Japanese Audio
First cutscene "Looks like the guest of honor's here. Hey, buddy. Never thought I'd be rubbing shoulders with the liberator of Rubicon. Every Rubiconian who heard your cry rose up to fight. Let's show them there's a future for Rubicon beyond these scorched skies." - -
Introductory dialogue, first line "Never thought the plan would go so wrong... But it's good teaming up with you again. Couldn't have hoped for a better silver lining." - -
- "Looks like the Liberation Front has broken into Institute City. You should hear this—patching you in." - -
- "Slogans scrawled in ash were never going to change Rubicon... The cinders are alive with flame once more." - -
- "Sounds like quite the party down there. Love to see all my hard work paying off." - -
- "Looks like we've got our work cut out for us. It'll be just like when we climbed the Wall." - -
- "I see... The intake's vulnerable. I'll get its attention—you handle the shooting." - -
Dialogue, second line; triggered after SMART CLEANER's AP drops to 30% "We've got it now. Finish it off, buddy." - -
Dialogue, second line; triggered after SMART CLEANER is defeated "Guess Arquebus decided to escalate... They must really want us dead. Let me handle the fleet. You've got a mission to finish... I'm counting on you, buddy." - -
- "You're out of luck. There's only one person who can keep up with me." - -
Dialogue, second line; triggered once the player achieves Objective 1: "Destroy all large skyrmion generators" "Bad news, buddy. Something's heading straight for your position. I've never seen something move that fast... They must have finished work on BALTEUS!" - -
- "...How's it looking, buddy? I'd say I'm about... halfway done. Snail might be V.II, but he's second to none. Stay focused!" - -
- "Whew. Knew there'd be more... I'm beat, buddy... Well. You're gonna finish this, right? Guess I'm not done yet, then!" - -
Dialogue, third line; triggered after V.II Snail is defeated "Sounds like it's over. I... just about mana—" - -

Armored Cores[]


STEEL HAZE is a blue, dark blue and grey lightweight bipedal Schneider NACHTREIHER AC. It wields both outdated BAWS guns and advanced VCPL energy weapons, with a burst pistol and a laser slicer on its arm units, and a plasma missile launcher and a RANSETSU rifle stored via Weapon Bay on its back for use in a double trigger build. Its build is based upon building ACS strain via steady pressure from both kinetic and plasma damage in order to employ its laser slicer to deal excellent damage.

Rusty is confident the JUGGERNAUT cannot keep up with its speed,[2] and it is powerful enough to destroy a combined platoon of 55 BAWS MTs and the AC LIGER TAIL.[5]

AC Data icon ACVI Preset V IV Rusty STEEL HAZE
General information
Japanese name スティールヘイズ
Classification Armored Core
Parts (Units)
R-Arm Unit MA-E-211 SAMPU
L-Arm Unit Vvc-774LS
R-Back Unit Vvc-703PM
L-Back Unit MA-J-200 RANSETSU-RF
Parts (Frame)
Parts (Inner)
Booster ALULA/21E
Generator AG-T-005 HOKUSHI
Specs (Regulation 1.04.1)
AP 8,580
Defensive Performance 1,011
Anti-Kinetic Defense 1,001
Anti-Energy Defense 1,057
Anti-Explosive Defense 976
Attitude Stability 1,499
Attitude Recovery 123
Target Tracking 104
Boost Speed 376
QB Speed 399
QB EN Consumption 510
QB Reload Time 0.35
QB Speed 399
EN Capacity 3,160
EN Supply Efficiency 4,729
EN Recharge Delay 0.96
Total Weight 57,410
Total Arms Load 4,220
Arms Load Limit 12,730
Total Load 43,380
Load Limit 48,650
Total EN Load 2,692
EN Output 3,467
Price 1,898,000 COAM
Regulation differences
Regulation 1.04:
  • QB Speed = 398
  • EN Supply Efficiency = 4,533
  • Total Weight = 57,820
  • Total Load = 43,790
  • Total EN Load = 2,739


After the battle against C4-621 at Watchpoint Alpha,[6] Rusty replaces his damaged NACHTREIHER/40E AC with a new ALBA model developed by Elcano Foundry. It was designed using stolen Arquebus and Schneider AC data to optimize it for aerial combat, and it contains Attitude Control System technology provided by Furlong Dynamics. It shares roughly the same color scheme as the original STEEL HAZE but swaps out most of its weaponry, save for the laser slicer. It is a lightweight bipedal AC with an emphasis on hit-and-run tactics and impact power, with the laser slicer to exploit ACS strain. Its new weapons feature a needle gun, a needle missile launcher and a bullet orbit. Its Terminal Armor activates when its AP is nearly depleted, which allows ORTUS to repair for a second phase of sorts.

AC Data icon ACVI Preset 51-101 R STEEL HAZE ORTUS
General information
Japanese name スティールヘイズ・オルトゥス
Classification Armored Core
Parts (Units)
R-Arm Unit EL-PW-00 VIENTO
L-Arm Unit Vvc-774LS
R-Back Unit EL-PW-01 TRUENO
L-Back Unit BO-044 HUXLEY
Parts (Frame)
Head EL-PH-00 ALBA
Core EL-PC-00 ALBA
Arms EL-PA-00 ALBA
Legs EL-PL-00 ALBA
Parts (Inner)
Booster BST-G2/P04
Generator AG-T-005 HOKUSHI
Specs (Regulation 1.04.1)
AP 9,050
Defensive Performance 1,062
Anti-Kinetic Defense 1,062
Anti-Energy Defense 1,062
Anti-Explosive Defense 1,062
Attitude Stability 1,591
Attitude Recovery 125
Target Tracking 98
Boost Speed 340
QB Speed 381
QB EN Consumption 476
QB Reload Time 0.56
QB Speed 381
EN Capacity 3,160
EN Supply Efficiency 4,579
EN Recharge Delay 1.00
Total Weight 56,410
Total Arms Load 4,440
Arms Load Limit 11,350
Total Load 43,260
Load Limit 50,100
Total EN Load 3,109
EN Output 3,848
Price 3,056,000 COAM
Regulation differences
Regulation 1.04:
  • Target Tracking = 97


In ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, Rusty is an NPC whose role depends on the player's choices — he may aid the player, or confront them as a boss NPC.

For the "Operation Wallclimber" mission, he joins the player in the JUGGERNAUT boss fight. If the boss' second phase is triggered faster than it is defeated, then Rusty will reluctantly leave the fight once Snail informs him of incoming reinforcements. With Rusty intercepting the reinforcements before they overwhelm him and the player, the player themselves must then defeat the JUGGERNAUT alone. In any case, the debriefing will then have Rusty send a message revealing Arquebus' plotting to the player.

During Chapter 3, Rusty becomes more involved with the player as Arquebus and the other corporations fight the PCA. Rusty will not only hire the player for a mission but also assist them in operations benefitting Arquebus such as "Attack the Old Spaceport" and "Destroy the Ice Worm."

Screenshot ACVI MissionUnknownTerritorySurvey STEEL HAZE defeated

A defeated STEEL HAZE loses its arm in an optional cutscene of "Unknown Territory Survey"

In Chapter 4, Rusty is mentioned in the mission briefing for "Intercept the Redguns;" if the player skips the mission, then Rusty will defeat the Redguns off-screen. Regardless, the mysterious target for the later mission "Unknown Territory Survey" will be revealed to be Rusty himself and the player must fight STEEL HAZE in a duel; in the Alt Mission version on New Game+, the player must defeat both Rusty and Middle Flatwell, who assists Rusty once STEEL HAZE uses its first Repair Kit.

Depending on the player's progression, Rusty in a different AC setup — STEEL HAZE ORTUS — may appear in the final stages as either a friendly NPC or a penultimate boss. To symbolize his public change of affiliation at this point in the story, the game displays his name from "V.IV Rusty" to just "Rusty." For the Fires of Raven path, he appears as the last obstacle in the penultimate mission, "Breach the Kármán Line" after the player defeats the interceptor fleet; whereas in the Liberator of Rubicon path, Rusty returns as a friendly NPC for the penultimate mission "Destroy the Drive Block." In the Alea Iacta Est path, Rusty's last appearance will be "Unknown Territory Survey."

He can also be fought in the Arena as rank 09/B of the Arena's Records division. STEEL HAZE ORTUS is later unlocked to be faced in the Analysis division of the Arena during New Game++, recorded as 51-101 R under the Delta classification.

Arena profile[]

Fourth squad leader of the Vespers, the Arquebus Group's augmented human squad.[12]

Discovered through the recruitment program operated by Schneider, an Arquebus affiliate, Rusty so quickly distinguished himself that he was selected to join the upper echelons of Vespers in less than half a year.[12]

Rusty received augmentation surgery prior to joining the Vespers, and though the precise details are unclear, he has declared himself to be of the eighth generation.[12]




  • One of the hints about Rusty's true nature before it is revealed in Chapter 4 is that like Rusty, the RLF's Flatwell will call C4-621 buddy (戦友, sen'yuu) if they complete a mission together, which is a behavior towards 621 that no other character in the game displays.[13]
  • Rusty is the third protagonist rival to pilot a blue AC in the series, similar to Evangel and Otsdarva. Unlike his predecessors, Rusty is far more selfless and friendlier to the protagonist and has altruistic motives.
  • Rusty is unique among NPCs in being featured in the Arena twice, with STEEL HAZE ORTUS’ placement perhaps hinting at his skills being better than when first evaluated.
  • Rusty has numerous references to prior games.
    • His role as a recurring ally and rival to Raven brings the first WHITE GLINT, Joshua O'Brien, to mind, particularly at the end of the Fires of Raven route when he confronts Raven in a powerful new AC, with one of them seeking the destruction of the other’s home, and the other trying to stop them.
    • Being ranked 9/B in the Arena, while likely being much better than his rank suggests, references the second WHITE GLINT, on top of also referencing Hustler One (better known as Nine-ball). This even extends to his AC name, STEEL HAZE brings to mind both WHITE GLINT as well as Kasumi Sumika’s call sign as a handler, Serene Haze.
    • While the second WHITE GLINT can defeat the Rank 1 Otsdarva solo, Rusty is able to destroy the Rank 2 G1 Michigan and a large group of BAWS MT in the same mission.
  • Rusty's emblem changes after getting STEEL HAZE ORTUS. His new emblem depicts a wolf with its fangs fully bared.
    • While his Vesper emblem depicts a wolf muzzled, likely playing into the fact that he's a double agent, or a "hound" under Arquebus' command.
    • His old emblem also utilizes the standard Arquebus spade/shield background, whereas the new one utilizes the banner background found on members of the Rubicon Liberation Front, fully revealing his true allegiance.
    • In nature, wolves and ravens share an unlikely symbiotic relationship helping each other find food. In some cases, a raven may even form a friendship with a specific wolf among the pack.
  • During the second phase of Operation Wallclimber, destroy the JUGGERNAUT quickly will reveal unique dialogue where Rusty is impressed by the player.
    • This requires extremely high firepower, high enough to blow up 50-60% AP of the JUGGERNAUT in a short amount of time.
    • In the same fight, Rusty can also take so much damage that he has to withdraw, also revealing unique dialogue.
  • During the third phase of Attack the Old Spaceport, Rusty can be defeated by PCA special forces and will retreat. However, if he survives, he becomes bewildered and frantically jumps around and shoots at the Ice Worm when it shows up.
  • The briefing of Destroy the Ice Worm shows that Rusty has extraordinary sharpshooting ability even for an Augmented Human despite that neither of his ACs have long-range weapons, generally being suited for mid-to-close range affairs. In the briefing for the same mission, Rusty volunteers for that mission and reveals that he has experience sharpshooting, an intriguing point of backstory.
  • In the Alter version of Unknown Territory Survey, if the player defeats Flatwell first, a cutscene will play as usual where Rusty uses Assault Armor to escape, but if the player defeats Rusty before Flatwell, Rusty will activate Assault Armor in-game and then escape, which can damage the player.
  • During Destroy the Drive Block, if Rusty takes too much damage during the Smart Cleaner fight, the dialogue sequence where he leaves to intercept the Arquebus fleet will play out early, leaving the player alone against the boss, same as Operation Wallclimber.
  • Rusty is the only offworld corporation pilot to use a generator that's not from his employers: the AG-T-005 HOKUSHI made by BAWS. The fact that its from a local Rubiconian company known to support the RLF, perhaps hints at Rusty's true loyalties underneath his original Schneider-made AC. STEEL HAZE doesn't have anything that is made by Arquebus.
  • Rusty is the only pilot in the AC Data presets that uses the Vvc-774LS Laser Slicer.
  • Rusty is already aware of C4-621's true identity during Operation Wallclimber, a plausible reason behind this being that Rusty possibly receives information from his RLF comrades. By comparison, the corporations and PCA remain unaware due to C4-621’s use of the real Raven’s license.
    • G1 Michigan and V.II Snail know about this because they have been contacted by Walter at the early stages, but the personal information about C4-621 remain secret to the public.
  • Another speculation that Rusty in the Alea Iacta Est route might had been still alive, like the other 2 endings. And with Vespers were already crumbled with V.II Snail had been defeated before Pater took over.


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The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

It is currently unknown what happened to Rusty in the Alea Iacta Est ending, but it can be assumed he was most likely one of the dead Vespers. He was presumably killed by either ALLMIND's modified SOL 644 or Handler Walter's HAL 826 on top of Xylem. It is also mentioned in the final mission that ALLMIND sent six copies of the Vespers' ACs to the Xylem but these ACs are unspecified.
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