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VIP Escort is a mission in Armored Core 2.


Requester: LCC

Advance: 76000

Upon success: 0

Theater of operations: Vihul Spaceport

Enemy forces: Unknown

Objective: Guard the Spaceport

File No: G-CM-0772

Code Name: Halloween

Client: LCC

Opponent: None

Place: Vihul Spaceport

Weather: Fair Weather

Mission Start Time: 20:10

Estimated Success Rate: 86%


As part of the LCC reorganization, the new director is coming from
Earth. We'll arrive at Vihul Spaceport within a couple of days. Your
job is to guard the Spaceport.

Of course there's no one left to resist us, but still we must display
our power to the new director. In other words, this is a

All you are required to do is wait along the perimeter of the airport.
We're paying you just to sit there. Soon all Ravens will be under LCC's
command. This is you last job.

The director will be escorted by the Special Forces, do not get in the
way. That is all.




Nell: "They’ve arrived."

Boyle: "Commencing operation. We’ll take over the airport."

Remille: "Destroy all enemy forces."

Communication A: "It’s an insurrection! The Special Forces are revolting! Attack!"

Space Ship (VIP): "Aaaaargh!"

Remille: "Klein, mission successful."

Klein: "...Now the real mission begins. We’ll meet again."


This is actually a rather annoying mission, as they are several enemies to deal with in this level and also 2 ACs that actively attack you. Destroying the 2 ACs will make it easier though, but the rest of the MTs will continually spawn. There's actually a resupply vehicle that is on the map, you can resupply your ammo if you happen to run low on it or run dry. But take note that this can only be done once.

It's best to have the Karasawa on this mission, as this can obliterate majority of the enemies on the level with ease, even the 2 ACs. Do note that the ACs are rather agile and have an affinity to dodge, so don't fire blindly. Also, because you are dealing with many enemies in this mission, it's better to have high AP or defense, preferably high shell defense as the enemies in this mission all deal shell damage. Be notified however that you only have to survive for a certain amount of time, and the number of the eliminated enemies does not matter. After some fighting, the VIP transport will be destroyed by the Frighteners, and the mission will end automatically - your "job" is solely persisting until this happens.


  • Your allied units all get destroyed in a cutscene before the mission.
  • There is actually a resupply vehicle on the map. If you happen to run out of ammo, you can actually resupply it. This can only be done once though.
  • The VIP is scripted to die in this mission, as the actual "success" objective is simply to survive up until this point. According to the dialogue, the Frighteners leave the airport immediately after the termination of their target, leaving the player Raven as the sole surviving combatant of the LCC.



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