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Valkyrie - Emblem
General information
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation and military information
Affiliation Global Cortex
Occupation Raven
Rank B-4
Craft AC Swift
Real world information
Appearances Armored Core 3

Valkyrie is a Raven appearing in Armored Core 3. Her rank is B-4 in the Arena. She is partnered with Royal Mist in the Extra Arena and they hold the title of the second highest ranked team. She is also one of the many Ravens participating in the mission Assault Crest Facility. Appearing offscreen during the mission, she clears out sectors E-01 and N-32 before withdrawing on Union orders.


Valkyrie was one of the many Ravens contracted by Union to help destroy the generators of the Crest's Data Storage Facility. The strike force included her, Comeback, Flying Fix, Royal Mist, Twinhead-W, Yellow Boat, and The Raven. Once they reached the facility, the Ravens split up to clear out the different sectors of the facility in search of the generators. Valkyrie was able to clear out Sectors E-01 and N-32 before withdrawing under Union's orders. This reflected how much respect and care they had for her as a pilot. She was the most level-headed of the pilots participating in the mission.


Upon Defeat.

Title: -

"That was a good match. I had no idea you were such a capable pilot. Take care from here on, as I'm sure you've gotten his attention by now. All of the pilots above this point share a certain amount of respect for him. Your upcoming fights won't be easy. I look forward to seeing you in action. Good luck."


AC Swift | Gunnar[]

AC Swift

AC Swift

Swift (Gunnar in Japanese, グナー) is a lightweight bipedal AC unit equipped with an energy-based exceed orbit core, stealth extensions, two identical small rocket launchers on both shoulders, a sniper rifle and a laser blade and is made specifically for long range sniping and extended flight time. Due to the unit being equipped with OP-INTENSIFY it can fire blade waves. She is one of the single most frustrating opponents to battle in an open arena. She will take to the air, activate her stealth device, and pursue you with uncanny accuracy with her sniper rifle. While she is unable to dish out large amounts of damage, battles are generally a long affair due to her ability to avoid lock on for as much as 45 seconds of the match and fly for incredible lengths of time.



Valkyrie can be hired as a consort in the mission Disable Radar Equipment.

In-Game Information[]

A highly skilled sniper with rock steady aim, once she's acquired her target it's rare that they escape her withering attacks. Outside of the Arena she's known for her pleasant and friendly demeanor, but once a match starts, it's down to business.


Valkyrie is the quintessential sniper of the Arena. She will often employ flying tactics, jetting up as high as possible to the air while raining down shot after shot with her sniper rifle or rockets. During this time, she will also employ her stealth extensions, preventing you from locking on to her, and not allowing for much else to be done other than dodging her withering attacks. In addition to that, CROW will also mask Valkyrie's position from your radar, and she likes to stay out of your sight as much as she can when flying high above. Since most weapons will not lock on her for the duration of CROW's effect, this leaves you with the options of the blade, flamethrower, blind fire of regular guns, or rockets. No matter what you are going to pick, none of these will be easy to land on this opponent, since Valkyrie is one of the most vertically-oriented Rankers.

The most viable way of beating Valkyrie without the need to wait out her stealth would be to use manual targeting weapons like rockets, as they don't require lock-on. However, this will take a good amount of skill in manual targeting, as Valkyrie is bound to remain airborne for a good portion of the match; aiming up alone won't be enough, but they need to be able to fire accurately--often firing predictively, in the direction in which Valkyrie is moving. This strategy of course, isn't recommended for those not adept in the use of rockets.

It's possible to wait out her stealth, however, though this is a time-consuming process and more often than not you would've already sustained some damage by the time you are able to target her properly. Even then, all hope is not lost, as Valkyrie will switch to her rockets after using up some of her sniper ammo. Her aim with the rockets is not exactly great, so dodging those are easier compared to her sniper rifle. But bear in mind that she will actively attempt to close the distance to try and land a blade hit, so watch out for this threat.

In spite of her specialized advantages, as an Arena adversary Valkyrie is quite weak in other areas. Her Swift AC uses some of the lightest parts available, and has one of the lowest AP counts among the Arena opponents, barely breaking 7 thousand points. With such low defence, Swift is highly vulnerable to virtually all kinds of damage. One way to beat her is to wait out her stealth, and once her trump card is spent, she will be left with a lot of dead weight on her shoulders while you are free to lay into her with high DPS weapons; once you got her in your sights, Valkyrie will go down very quickly. Her weapon loadout is also not that menacing; even though she does possess intimidating accuracy - as expected for a sniper Raven - her guns soon prove to be lacking, and beating her in a damage race is very easy as soon as she is deprived of the advantage of CROW's stealth cover. Adding to that, due to Valkyrie's overreliance on CROW extensions, Swift does not employ any other sort of missile defence. Lastly, despite enjoying abundant energy reserves thanks to the OP-INTENSIFY performance bonus, she never bothers to reach for her Exceed Orbit weapon even when the fight becomes tighter and more close-range, further showing Valkyrie's less than exemplary combat skills outside long-range and harassment tactics.

Even then, one way to counter her stealth is to resort to blade combat, as Valkyrie does not have a strong blade to bring to bear in melee combat, but be mindful that she will use her blade when given an opening. Yet another way is to negate her aptitude for vertical movement by moving the fight into a low-ceiling battlefield, including Parking Lot or Structure. There, she becomes a much easier enemy, and if you combine that with the tactic for outlasting the CROW effect, she becomes a fast but fragile target. Overall, for this high Rank, Valkyrie can be a very annoying opponent, but is easily cracked open once you know how to deal with her particular tricks.



The name Valkyrie refers to one of a host of female figures who choose those who may die in battle and those who may live in Norse Mythology.

The name Swift refers to quick or rapid movement. Her Japanese AC name Gunnar, is a Nordic name, meaning fighter, soldier, or attacker.


  • Based on her name and fighting style, Valkyrie appears to be a reference to Losvaize from the Original Armored Core Universe.
  • The Arena combatant mentioned by Valkyrie in her post match email is most likely Ace.