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10-24-2010 11-09-05 PM

The Vanguard Overed Boost (VOB) is massive auxiliary high-speed booster seen in Armored Core: For Answer.


NEXT-equipped, gigantic boost units that allow for tremendous forward propulsion. The VOB system was specifically developed in order to counter Arms Forts' incredible long-range firepower. A NEXT installed with the VOB system can hurtle towards an entrenched AF at thousands of kilometers an hour while simultaneously dodging incoming fire. Once the NEXT has reached the Arms Fort's perimeter, the VOB units are purged from the main body, leaving the pilot free to continue standard operations. The ability for a single soldier to slip through Arms Fort's defensive line is invaluable, but pilots must take care to avoid ALL enemy ordnance, as the unit is extremely fragile. It is used in the missions "Ambush Sphere Invasion Force" "Destroy Spirit of Motherwill," "Destroy Arms Fort Giga Base," and "Destroy Megalis."



  • The Vanguard Overed Boost was first seen in the intro for AC:FA and used by White Glint.
  • On several missions in hard mode where the VOB is used, the unit either malfunctions and explodes or increases the chance of explosion if the player is hit.
  • It's name is a reference to the similar, but shorter duration, Over Boost.
  • In Armored Core: Verdict Day, the final boss, J, uses a VOB designed for suicide attacks equipped with a rapid-fire linear cannon and a powerful assault cannon unit known as the VTF cannon.