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Vaoh is a Lynx aligned with ORCA encountered in Armored Core: For Answer. He is ranked #6 among the ORCA Lynxes.


An unbelievably powerful fighter, his thick shelled tank type craft, Gleditsia, can quickly deliver overwhelming firepower with twin gatling guns. After being discovered by Malzel, Vaoh accompanies him everywhere. He fights alongside Malzel in the mission "Destroy the Main ORCA Forces"

NEXT Gleditsia[]

Vaoh's white NEXT Gleditsia was actually constructed by Malzel out of mostly GA developed parts with an Arisawa head, legs and Aldra core. It is a heavyweight tank NEXT with extremely high AP making it hard to take down, and its twin gatling guns shred AP and PA down quickly. It also has a bazooka to ward off frontal assaults, as well as a backup MUDAN (Cerberus) physical blade to push back a frontal strike in case his bazooka runs out of ammunition. The only good news is that its PA is on the weak side and lacks a KRB Discharge.


Destroy the main ORCA forces[]

Since Gleditsia's weapons have a somewhat limited range, Vaoh tends to simply boost straight towards his target. He is quite good at turning and will often use the turn boost function. Keep in mind that he cannot be attacked from behind, you`ll always end up staring into his weapons.

The easiest ways to take him down are the following:

Note: From the first to the third strategy, take out the turrets first.

  • Make him follow you off the box, may be very hard to do, but if done, chances are big that you will get no ammo or repair cost at all (use laser blades or the DOZAR to get rid of the defenses).
  • Use many missiles (type doesn´t matter, just make sure he is within range and that there´s nothing between your missiles and him ).
  • Use long range railcannons or light sniper cannons while hovering, getting him stuck helps here too.
  • Grenades, lots and lots of grenades, get him stuck somewhere and fill his arrogant mind with explosives.
  • Get him stuck somewhere in the big plaza on top of the box, get to a roof above his postion, yet about 150 meters away from him, activate OB, and just before you are right above him, activate Assault Armor, then use QB to get out of there before he starts shooting at you, repeat till he falls apart.




  • Gleditsia is the name of a genus of trees called locusts, native to North America and Asia.
  • You can see his AC in the US Trailer of FA