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Vaser is a Raven who appears in Armored Core 2: Another Age.

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He is encountered in the mission Free Rapture Orbit Elevator. It is possibly that he is a Martian Raven that supports Antares cause or he was simply hired by him.

AC Gargantua[]

Gargantua is a middleweight four-legged AC equipped with additional armor extensions, two middle rocket launchers, a machine gun, a laser blade and an overboost core.


For an AC encountered in the later levels, Vaser is surprisingly easy to deal with. His only real danger lies in his laser blade which he can spam up close & stab with it, dealing more damage than a normal blade slash. But by staying at a distance from him, he’ll just rely on his machine gun & rockets, none of which pose any real threat.

He has limited mobility but he does have good durability to compensate. For this reason, heavy weapons are recommended to use against him, and blade combat is actually viable despite his blade spamming ability. Simply wait for him to lunge with his blade & strike him on the side/back with your blade. Or if you’re using a quad, quickly boost to the side if you see him lunging & before he moves again, nick him with a blade stab.



  • His AC's name and Raven name are translated from a japanese website and are pending.