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Vengeance is an enemy Armored Core encountered in Mission 07 and Mission 08 of the main Story Arc of Armored Core V. It first appears in Story Mission 00 in possession of Resistance leader Jack Batty, under the name of Vendetta, but was soon defeated by Chief. The AC consists mainly of UCR-10/A parts, but is unique in that it also possesses an ultimate weapon - the Grind Blade.


Piloted by RD, Vengeance is encountered several times in the game. After his defection to The Corporation, RD was given Fran's father's old unit, Vendetta. He is fought briefly in story missions 7 and 8 and is permanently destroyed at the end of mission 8. Vendetta, its previous incarnation, is fought in mission 0, giving this particular AC a total of three different appearances in the same game, albeit under different names.


  • AP: 32,977
  • KE: 2711
  • CE: 497
  • TE: 664


  • Valdosta KE: 887
  • Modesto TE: 503
  • Gulbarga CE: 1142


In the two brief encounters, a blade and some accurate shooting will suffice to make him run away. In the last fight, he will not fire a shot. However, instead he uses the Grind Blade ultimate weapon in an attempt to defeat you; which no matter your AP, will destroy any AC in a single hit if it connects.

His AC's weakness is CE weapons primarily, and has a secondary weakness to TE weapons. Any CE or TE weapon will do against him, although it is recommended to not use heavy cannons without a tank (or even with one) as his AC will outpace yours in the long-term, as it has unlimited energy.

Recommendation of a light weight-agile mech and two of the best battle rifles you have. Also, equipping arms with the best firing stability you can get is paramount, as this means you can fire faster.

With this set up, stay up in the air at a distance and constantly bombard him with the battle rifles. As long as you keep at a distance and hit him, He will critically take damage. Rosary will come and give you a refit for free, so as long as you have the parts in your inventory, equip how you like for the rest of the mission beforehand.


  • The AC Vendetta is likely a term referencing that a Family (The resistance) are in conflict with another Family. The name then changed to Vengeance likely referring towards a Mercenary that wiped out the Resistance. Ironically, this AC is piloted by an individual who works for the company responsible for the annihilation of the resistance.
  • Vengeance still uses Vendetta's Eagle emblem. However, following RD's defeat at the hands of the player, the emblem is charred and takes on the appearance of a black bird, becoming the inspiration for the player's later reputation as the Dark Raven.
  • The AC it is based on was officially titled as UCR-10 according to From Software's official Chogokin line merchandise title, but Bandai had the entire AC named after its Core part.
  • AC Vengeance appears as an unlockable mecha in PSP game Battle Robot Damashii with name UCR-10/A. Howevever, its signature Grind Blade weapon isn't featured.