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The Venide are one of the major world powers fighting in the Verdict War. They have a feudal social system based on hierarchy. Venide originated from mid-continent, founded by Cesar Venide.


Venide was created before the Sirius or the EverGreen Family were founded. Even at its beginning, Venide's territory was as big as the City in the North Frontier. However, with Cesar's return from the towers, the organization underwent a large change.


Upon returning from the Towers, Cesar decided to rebuild humanity. To do accomplish this goal, he started to gather more forces, using brute force and beating the weak into submission. Venide believed that "the weak are weeded out, and only the strong may survive in this world"; under this philosophy, he used military force to expand.


Before his death Cesar chose one of his officers to succeed him, over his own children. When his children came to him in protest of this act, he purged them. As a result,his bloodline no longer leads the organization. The man who succeeded Cesar received the name of Venide, and he fulfilled Cesar's wishes perfectly. Venide's policy of "power over all else" is shown not only in the succession of its leaders, but also power is more cherished than blood.

Verdict War[]

Eventually, as Venide was spreading its influence and greed for power, it met with Sirius from the North Frontier. The two forces repeated fierce battles constantly, and at one point it seemed as though Venide had won. However, the EGF from the Far East joined the fray, and Venide was forced to spread its forces out. This resulted in the 3-way war that continues on to this day.

Venide seeks to build world of the strong. The Towers are a weapon to that end, and Venide are the ones chosen to wield its power. They do not hesitate to make that clear to everyone. It is not a wish, but a mission that they must fulfill.


Venide has a pyramid style structure with the dictator Carlos Venide at the top. The top ranks consist of primarily commander class members, the lower ranks consist of those who don't participate in battle, and the lowest rank are those who are deemed useless and have no strength.

This pyramid style structure with many steps is based upon a merit system that prioritizes those who get results, and has nothing to do with name or pedigree. Because of this, the son of a peasant can become a high commander, and the opposite is just as true. Those who are viewed as useless are dropped to the bottom of society instantly.

The organization is primarily split into two large groups, the military and the internal government. Both of these wings are completely controlled by Carlos, and he has final say on everything. As long as his ok is there, things can move fairly speedy. However, the military group has its own decision making bodies that can sometime be seen disagreeing under the covers. Carlos's son is the leader of the central body of the military, the "Force Integration Unit", but he got there on skill, and not by pedigree.


  • Dictator: Carlos Venide
  • Chief: Luis Venide
  • Captain: Hernando Vega
  • 1st Outpost Commander: Dino Elias
  • 2nd Outpost Commander: Alicia Martel
  • 3rd Outpost Commander: Alfonso Sanchez
  • 4th Outpost Commander: Francols Cotlllard
  • 5th Outpost Commander: Jorge Santana
  • 6th Outpost Commander: Luchine Calvani
  • 7th Outpost Commander: Sandro Corelli

Military Force[]

  • Unit 13, Border Security Detail 71
  • Unit 23, Defense Squad 17
    • T-106E Slon x10
    • R14-WM Golem x2
    • R14-GG Golem x3
    • R13-GGS Golem x2
    • Falcon A-448 S x 5
    • EULEN A-448/S Transport Copter x3
  • Unit 12, Assault Squad 06
  • Unit 16, Defense Squad 53
  • Unit 15, Assault Squad 57
  • Venide Strategic Command Guard "El Venide"



In-game information[]

VoW Archive 03: Venide[]

One of the Three Forces.

United under autocratic rule, the faction spread its influence by absoring nearby habitable areas by force. It is characterized by a strictly hierarchical, quasi-feudal social system, and is known as the most bellicose of the Three Forces.

Venide has a long history of friction with Sirius due to the factions' similar size, but the recent ascent of EGF has seen that rivalry expand into a three-way standoff.

Photo credit: VoW


  • Venide is from the Latin language. Venide means "I came" Most likely from the phrase "Veni, vidi, vici" (I came, I saw, I conquered) a Latin phrase used to refer to a swift, conclusive victory. The phrase is popularly attributed to Julius Caesar.