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General information
Affiliation and corporate information
AffiliationsGreen Horn
Known membersJack-O
G. Faust
Locations ownedCirc-City
Old Nire Industrial Area
Querr Energy Plant
Sinus Airstrip
Walter Material Storage Site
Eras present24 Hour War
Real world information
AppearancesArmored Core: Last Raven
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Vertex is one of the warring factions featured in Armored Core: Last Raven. Its main forces solely consist of elite Ravens fighting against the oppression of Alliance. Their leader is Jack-O.


Vertex was founded by Jack-O in the wake of the Unmanned Suicide Weapons attack, rising from the ashes of the old Ravens' Ark. Much of its infrastructure seems to be holdover from the Nexus era. Jack-O establishes the Vertex HQ on the site of Navis' remnant city, known as Circ-City. It is during the process of building over the site for Vertex's purposes that the group discovers the Internecine, the source of both the Unmanned Suicide Weapons and a new, even more dangerous mechanized threat - the Pulverizers.

Vertex, when compared to the Alliance, is completely ruthless in it's dealing with their own Ravens. While they seek to win the war against the enemy forces. They only want the best of the best, Ravens can be put down by fellow Vertex Ravens if they do not meet the expectations of Jack-O; Bolt (depending on the path) and Sorcerer were two Ravens who were unfortunate enough to be executed under Jack-O's orders despite their loyalty to them. Because of their smaller size and position on their own Ravens, they are often prone to hiring independents as well who are viewed just as expendable as Vertex's weaker Ravens.


  • Jack-O - Formed Vertex to oppose Alliance and to find a Raven strong enough to deal with the threat of the Internecine and Pulverizers. Jack-O's bounty is also the highest at 160,000c. He pilots the AC Foxeye.
  • Crow - Second in command of Vertex and the Raven Jack-O trusts the most. He handles the most important assignments and has more combat experience behind him than most. Considered extremely dangerous. His bounty is 76,000c. He pilots the AC Sight Hawk, a lightweight but deadly unit.
  • Omega - One of the more dangerous pilots in Vertex, he is only happy when in combat. Bounty is 69,000c. His fighting style is similar to Crow. He pilots an AC named ClownFace, which is armed with a right arm machine gun and a grenade rifle.
  • Sorcerer- A Raven known to have excellent close range combat skills and has a friendship with Jack-O. Bounty is 60,000c. He wields an AC with machine gun weapon arms named Banshee.
  • Bolt - A Raven who holds Jack-O in high regard. While he's not very intelligent and lacks real combat experience, he practices sound combat tactics, making his ranking in Vertex very high. His AC specializes in thermal stress (overheating your AC). His bounty is 60,000c.
  • G. Faust - A lower ranked Raven who came out of retirement to aid Vertex with its ideals. His AC is made from older parts but has overall great close range combat abilities. His Bounty is 35,000c.


  • All Ravens in Vertex were seen in Armored Core: Nexus with the exception of G. Faust.
  • No matter what ending the player chooses, all Vertex members eventually die, except Jack-O and Crow.
  • Crow, Bolt, and Jack-O were all top ten Ravens in Armored Core: Nexus.
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