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The Voice of War, abbreviated VoW, is an information network that distributes battlefield information. VoW also accepts information submitted by combatants, which it then distributes to others.

J. Jester is their Chief Editor, and correspondents include Fred Nakano and Magnolia Curtis.

Their tagline is "Have a nice war!"


VoW Archive 01: The Three Forces[]

Subject: The Three Forces, a trio consisting of the Evergreen Family, Sirius Corporation, and Venide

The world struggles to recover from the verge of extinction. Three armed factions vie for control over the ravaged landscape with military might.

The factions build their territories around the Towers — structures left behind from the Last Age that still dot the globe. Their desire to expand territory has led to constant conflict.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 02: Sirius Corporation[]

Subject: Sirius Corporation

One of the Three Forces.

Initially formed in a merger of small colonies based in so-called "habitable areas," pockets of land that escaped total destruction. The former organization MoH is said to have been key among the faction's early constituents.

Ample resources enabled a comparatively swift recovery and commensurate expansion, leading to repeated, violent clashes with Venide. With the rise of EGF, that tension has developed into a three-way deadlock.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 03: Venide[]

Subject: Venide

One of the Three Forces.

United under autocratic rule, the faction spread its influence by absoring nearby habitable areas by force. It is characterized by a strictly hierarchical, quasi-feudal social system, and is known as the most bellicose of the Three Forces.

Venide has a long history of friction with Sirius due to the factions' similar size, but the recent ascent of EGF has seen that rivalry expand into a three-way standoff.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 04: EGF[]

Subject: Evergreen Family

One of the Three Forces.

Officially called the Evergreen Family, this collective emerged from the worst-ravaged areas of the world, and remains the least populous of the Three Forces. Nevertheless, its peoples' high degree of adaptability has seen them flourish despite harsh surroundings, and they have been exceptionally proactive in their research of Last Age ruins, including the Towers.

Though they had a later start than the other Forces, their formidable technological mastery has earned them essentially equal standing with their rivals.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 05: Armored Cores (AC)[]

Subject: Armored Core (mecha)

Weapons first created in the distant past, during the period now known as the Last Age.

Thorough standardization of the machines has allowed a broad range of parts to be swapped in and out according to need, making these weapons exceptionally adaptable to any circumstances.

While originally discovered in Last Age ruins and used essentially as-is, contemporary analysis and research has seen a transition from restoring old parts to manufacturing new designs.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 06: Signs[]

Subject: Signs

"Mercenaries" are freelance soldiers whose services are available for a price. More specifically, the term refers to AC pilots.

The organization known as Signs serves as a booking agency bringing together mercenaries and eager clients.

Signs is purely an intermediary, and makes no assurance of the success of the mission. Additionally, it releases only the bare minimum of information to both merc and client, meaning there is an element of unpredictability in the quality of firepower it supplies.

This considerable randomness is a source of some criticism, but the high degree of anonymity Signs affords makes it an ideal channel for staffing so-called "black ops."

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 07: Storkers[]

Subject: Storkers

Also known as "delivery men."

These professional freighters work as contractors with mercenaries to transport their ACs to and from the battlefield. With the ascent of the Three Forces, battle has grown increasingly factionalized.

Their name comes from the propitious bird, but their fall in social standing in recent years has seen the title become almost an insult.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 08: Operators[]

Subject: Operators

Combat support personnel, equipped with high-spec detection and communications technology.

They gather detection form multiple ACs, process it collectively, then supply intelligence to their partners via beacons or other landmarks.

Skilled operators function as more than simple aides, instead filling the role of commanders conducting troops across the battlefield. This allows for tightly choreographed team maneuvers normally impossible for a gathering of individual pilots.

At their best, operators shape and control the flow of combat, and determine its outcome.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 09: Towers[]

Subject: Towers

Massive structures existing since the last Last Age in scattered locations across the globe.

Due to their overwhelming size, investigations of the Towers remain incomplete, with their intended function remaining a mystery.

Inside, the structures contain technology far exceeding contemporary scientific knowledge, as well as facilities to produce more. Each of the Three Forces hold a number of these Towers, which are the source and sustaining force of their influence.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 10: The Foundation[]

Subject: The Foundation

A research organization dedicated to the analysis and reproduction of Last Age technology.

While their considerable contributions to the arsenals of the Three Forces constitute an impressive military holding, the Foundation has elected to remain neutral in the current conflict, selling arms to all sides indiscriminately.

One theory suggests the organization was founded by traveling merchants known formerly as the Migrants, while others claim the Foundations' existence predates the Three Forces.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 11: UNACs[]

Subject: UNACs

An autonomous control system for ACs furnished by the Foundation. Also used to describe the unmanned ACs themselves. Comprised of a physical unit installed in the core and the base program "Formula Brain" built into it.

By adapting the autonomous control technology previously limited to a very small subsection of specialized weapons to work with ACs, the mainstay of modenr combat, the Foundation became a focus of attention overnight. Today, this technology is the Foundation's core product, and is used heavily by all three factions.

While UNACs are capable of a wide variety of user-customized combat behaviors, those used by the three factions most commonly employ simple tactics shared by large, unified squads, relying on strength in numbers over clever strategy.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 12: The Reaper Squad[]

Subject: Reaper Squad

An enigmatic group of ACs sighted in combat zones throughout the front lines of the current war.

Appearing alone or in packs, they attack others indiscriminately, then disappear. Their anonymity and seemingly supernatural strength have earned them their present nickname.

While no one knows the aims of the Reaper Squad, the timing of their appearance aligns almost perfectly with the adoption of UNACs into combat forces across the globe.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Archive 13: Autonomous Arms[]

Subject: Autonomous Arms

Unmanned weapons thought to be created during the Last Age.

Sighted across the globe, popular theory suggest that these devices were created in mass numbers, then abandoned due to disuse.

They exhibit a variety of forms and behaviors, from simple dive-bomb and self-detonation tactics to complex functions equal or superior to ACs.

Photo credit: VoW

Mission News[]

Arranged according to in-game order:

"Sirius And Venide's Conflict Continues"[]

Sent after "Mission 01: 'Dirty Worker'"

Reports of armed conflict in the Route R1024 area have surfaced on VoW.

The area falls along the border between Sirius and Venide territory, and the incident involved forces from the two factions.

Because both forces were wiped out, it is difficult to piece together a more complete picture of the event given the factions' wildly differing accounts. Thankfully, there appear to be no immediate plans for escalation.

Open hostilities among the so-called Three Forces, Sirius, Venide, and EGF, have been at a relative low of late, with many speculating that the even distribution of power among them has proven an adequate check against major military action.

Nonetheless, minor skirmishes such as this one have become commonplace across the globe, each representing a non-zero possibility of escalation into a worldwide confrontation.

Perhaps your next job will prove to be the trigger! In the meantime, have a nice war!

Photo credit: Magnolia C.

"EGF Averts Crisis: Base Command Shuffle To Follow"[]

VoW users have reported armed conflict in Fort Denis/Inner City.

The location is near an EGF Tower, making it a strategically critical site to the faction.

EGF has made no official comment as yet, but a spate of new appointments to area military command suggest a hasty restructuring of local security in the wake of this incursion.

At present, there are seven known Towers in the world. Who built them and to what end are matters for debate elsewhere. What matters to those of us on the front lines is that they constitute the core source of the Three Forces' influence.

Anyone taking work near a Tower must accept a high likelihood of sudden and indiscriminate attack. Consider yourselves warned! To everyone else out there, have a nice war!

Photo credit: Magnolia C.

"New Terror On The Battlefield"[]

Breaking news! Photographic evidence of ACs believed to be the Reaper Squad has been added to the VoW network!

The image was provided by a contributor who managed an unlikely escape after her helicopter was shot down in the field. Despite the dubious story of its origin, however, the lucky lady's testimony and the AC she caught on film match up with other rteports on this mysterious squadron.

The Reaper Squadron's existence as an AC force of unparalleled ability and unknown affiliation has long been consdiered one of countless empty rumors hatched on the front lines. This marks the first time one of their number has been caught on film.

It seems the rumored terror of the battlefield is real--best hope that their next target isn't you.

Good luck, and have a nice war!

Photo credit: Anonymous

"Intel On Foundations's New Weapon?!"[]

Sent after "Mission 04: 'Peekaboo'"

Still more breaking news! Photographic proof of a new weapon under development by the Foundation has emerged on VoW!

Believed to be a new form of unmanned weapon, the contributor reports that he was hired to serve in a live fire combat simulation test, suggesting that use of the weapon in actual combat may not be far off.

While the Foundation are noncombatants, their lineup of military technologies beginning with UNACs make them an entity not to be ignored, even by the Three Forces.

Are robots coming for your jobs? What sounds like science fiction may soon be science fact.

But for now, have a nice war!

Photo credit: Magnolia C.

"UNACs On Rampage! Multiple Regions Struck"[]

Urgent report! UNACs under the command of each of the Three Forces have run amok across the globe, commencing a series of indiscriminate attacks.

The phenomenon struck UNACs stationed in a broad range of locations simultaneously, and the damage continues to spread.

While the cause remains unknown, some suspect a fundamental flaw in the UNAC system is to blame. Ground conditions in affected areas remain chaotic, and the Foundation--manufacturer of the UNAC system--has yet to make an official comment.

Many readers may feel that these clockwork dolls pose no serious threats to a seasoned human pilot, and it is undeniable that UNACs lack many things.

Human inattention, human fear, and human ethics are also on that list. These machines were built to carry out orders coldly and without question.

All readers are advised to proceed with caution.
Good luck, and have a nice war.

Photo credit: Fred Nakano

"Is Foundation Culprit In Berserk UNACs?"[]

Update on the developing UNAC story:

It appears the only UNAC units affected are those belonging to the Three Forces: no reports of UNACs owned by lesser factions or individuals going out of control have been confirmed at time of press.

Furthermore, affected units all appear to be marching on the nearest Tower locations, leaving faction squadrons scrambling to intercept them. At present, the forces appear evenly matched, though reports suggest that at least some of the defensive forces have been wiped out. Given the fact that forces are being taken by surprise by assumed allies, this seems an inevitable result.

The concerted and organized nature of hhe renegade UNACs' behavior suggests that this may have een an intentional attack. Sources suggest the Three Forces' prime suspect is the Foundation itself.

The Foundation has remained silent on the matter, leaving its intentions in this incident unclear.

The front lines are more tense than ever, but you wouldn't have it any other way, would you?

Get out there and have a nice war!

Photo credit: Magnolia C.

"Tower Falls--Foundation Launches New Weapon?"[]

We've got more news on the UNAC incident.

Clashes between the Three Forces and the rogue UNACs continue to rage in multiple areas. Several Towers are said to be under UNAC occupation and hazardous to approach. There are also reports of unidentified weaponry thorught to be of FOundation origin being sighted in conflict areas.

There have been reports that these unidentified weapons emerged from the UNAC-controlled Towers, but there has been no official confirmation.

As before, the Foundation has maintained total silence on the matter. It remains as combative as ever with no signs of weakness. If anyone knows the Foundation's motives, no one is saying.

Take care out there, and have a nice war!

Photo credit: VoW

"Reaper Squad Acting Behind Scenes?!"[]

The Reaper Squad has appeared once more.

What's more, reports indicate they are cooperating with the renegade UNACs. Eyewitness claims suggest that a number of mercenaries have already fallen to their combined force, but hard evidence remains scarce.

Speculation surrounds their current behavior, from reasonable claims that the Reapers have allied with the Foundation, to wilder theories that the Reapers are the true culprits behind the UNAC rampage, or that the Raepers are actually an unmanned forced controlled y the Foundation.

Any readers who sight the Reapers are encourage to submit any relevant intel to VoW. That is, if you live to tell about it.

Take care, and have a nice war!

Photo credit: VoW

"Foundation vs. Three Forces: Balance Tilts In Forces' Favor"[]

A new development has emerged in the ongoing UNAC incident.

Announcements from each of the Three Forces today confirmed that the cause of the UNAC rampage is a piece of code written into the core UNAC system, meaning the incident was a planned and deliberate act of the Foundation.

While fighting continues in various areas, now that the cause of the incident has been determined, many believe that the Foundation's inferior resources mean its defeat is simply a matter of time.

That being said, ground conditions remain unclear. Perhaps it's in one's best interest to steer clear of idle rumors and speculation in the meantime.

Whatever you do, good luck, and have a nice war.

Photo credit: VoW

"Rampage Quelled: Are Reapers Defeated?"[]

The latest reports suggest the UNAC incident and related unknown weapon scare are approaching resolution in all combat areas, and a wave of press releases from the Three Forces reveals that operations to retake the Towers have succeeded.

It would seem the Foundation's plot was unable to surmount the Three Forces' advantage in numbers. Elsewhere, the Reaper Squad believed to be in cooperation with the Foundation suffered decisive defeat at the hands of an unknown mercenary.

It apepars that an end to the fighting may be in sight, but will it prove a real and lasting conclusion? This reporter remains way--I've een fooled one too many times before.

Watch your backs, and have a nice war!

Photo credit: Fred Nakano

"What Are Foundation's True Aims?"[]

Sources indicate the Foundation has continued to suffer a chain of defeats across the world.

Furthermore, one late-breaking report claims the remainder of the Reaper Squad believed to be in cooperation with the Foundation was defeated by a mercenary force. If true, it would appear the conflict is nearly decided.

What remains unclear, however, is the Foundation's aim in this matter. While their orchestrated UNAC suprising succeeded in catching the Three Forces off guard, it accomplished little more than brief control over a number of the Towers.

Instead, what must have been a meticulously planned stratagem has fizzled without any further developments to speak of.

Is the Foundation still hiding some ace up its sleeve? We can only watch and wait.

Photo credit: VoW

"Foundation Dissolved, War Over Towers Escalates"[]

Truly shocking news, VoW readers--

Just now, the Foundation made a proclamation over mainstream media channels. Delivered by the body's presumed leader, it detailed the Foundation's plan to cease activity, as well as explaining their aim in the erstwhile UNAC incident.

The Foundation spokesman claimed that a certain system within the Towers it occupied has been engaged, and that the energy it provides will activate unmanned, Last Age-era weapons lying dormant in areas across the world.

He described these weapons as each possessing overwhelming destructive potential, and foretold that they would seek out and destroy all human military holdings.

Following the broadcast, the Three Forces pledged an immediate response, but the specifics of their plans did little more than reveal that the power struggle among them remains foremost in their minds. The chain of meetings held in the wake of the Foundation's revelation uniformly devolved into an exchange of insults and accusations. In the face of this new threat, panic continues to fan existing tensions and increase volatility.

After his announcement, the Foundation spokesman disappeared. No word on his whereabouts has emerged. Was their ultimate goal world ruination? If so, their plans may soon see fruition.

It remains unclear what recourse remains to us.

We can only fight, that we may survive. That has always been and remains our sole option.

Photo credit: VoW

Personnel Files[]

VoW Personnel File 001[]

Subject: Fatman


Male, age 62.

An exceptionally experienced Storker said to be the oldest still in action. He always goes by this call name--which he apparently holds dear--rather than revealing his actual name.

From his brash demeanor and appearance, he gives the impression of being untrustworthy. However those who know him come to recognize him as an expert freighter who made his name by surviving countless battles.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Personnel File 002[]

Subject: Magnolia Curtis


Female, age 25.

An operator who works in tandem with Fatman. Once a promising mercenary who excelled in many missions, she retired as an AC pilot due to injuries suffered in battle two years ago.

While she is young enough to be Fatman's daughter, she is essentially his equal in their partnership.

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Personnel File 003[]

Subject: Burt Barton

Pilot: Burt Barton

AC: Poupa

Origin: Route R1024
Male, age 21.
Led a small ring of thieves until one lucky job paid big, revealing a functioning AC inside a hijacked freighter. This newfound firepower saw his operations expand at a rapid pace. Confidence bolstered by this success, he transitioned to mercenary work along with a good friend.

Confirmed killed in action: Samir Canyon.

Photo credit: Fred Nakano

VoW Personnel File 004[]

Subject: WR

Pilot: WR

AC: Gambit

Origin: Windy City
Male, age 20.
Worked as a member of a nondescript band of thieves until the discovery of an AC among the freight in one lucky heist changed his life. A self-taught pilot, he began mercenary work together with a good friend. His youthful impetuousness was his greatest strength, though many cautioned it would be his undoing.

Confirmed killed in action: Victoria City.

Photo credit: Fred Nakano

VoW Personnel File 055[]

Subject: Magnolia Curtis (post-"Mission: 09 'Forgiveness for an Angel'")


Female, age 25.

Real name: Magnolia Curtis
A former mercenary who enjoyed success under the call name "Blue Magnolia" until suffering a crushing defeat at the hands of the Reaper Squad.

Grievously wounded, she was rescued by Fatman with whom she had only recently partnered. Though she survived, the lingering effects of her injuries made it impossible to pilot ACs, putting an end to her mercenary career.

She eventually returned to the battlefield as Fatman's partner with all appearances of having overcome her fall from grace. However, she merely hid the traumatic scars of humiliation in her heart.

A chance encounter with the Reaper Squad and her witnessing the capability of Fatman's new mercenary partner compelled her to take up arms again in a bid to reclaim her pride and soul.

Though her AC was destroyed in combat at ALG742-191, her remains were not found in the wreckage.

Photo credit: Fred Nakano

VoW Personnel File 059[]

Subject: J. Jester

Hello, and thanks for checking out VoW.

This is J. Jester, VoW Chief Editor.

A few words about Voice of War. We're a network dedicated to gathering and sharing any and all news from battlefields everywhere. We're not a singular, structured organization. We're more of an action group composed of several key members. We also don't have a set base of operations. I personally go from conflict to conflict and report on them as they happen.

Occasionally, I get interview requests, but the way we work, it's never been possible to arrange face-to-face meetings. Sorry, but that's just how it is.

After all, it shouldn't matter to you who I am. What benefit is there for you to know if I'm a man or woman, or how old I am? I would rather keep providing you with news that benefits you.

You have made it through one war, but the world thirsts for more bloodshed. Because you are human, perhaps that will never end. And that is what intrigues us.

That's all for now, but never forget, have a nice war!

Photo credit: VoW

VoW Personnel File 060[]

Subject: Fred Nakano

Fred Nakano

A battlefield cameraman said to be in the thick of the action whenever fighting occurs. Despite having recorded and released countless videos, no one has admitted to actually meeting Nakano. Indeed, even the famed war correspondent's gender, let alone place of birth or age, is known.

Considered an urban myth of the battlefield, Nakano's very existence is hotly debated. Regardless, videos of in-combat footage are continually uploaded under that name.

Photo credit: VoW


InArmored Core: Verdict Day, VoW's Archive entries and Personnel Files are the in-game glossary and journal. They are written from an in-universe perspective, and are unlocked as the game progresses.


The following information is "gray area" content — it may not be completely factual, and/or falls under YMMV territory.

It's possible that the Voice of War may be The Corporation from Armored Core V and that J. Jester is an alias used by Chief. J. Jester's personnel file implies that he is not human, and the wording of how they are intrigued by the human nature of constantly seeking bloodshed mirrors Chief's sentiments from the final story mission. Furthermore, the Joker from the Dark Knight film was cited as one of the inspirations for Chief's character, making the alias Jester an appropriate one for him. Plus, he's the Chief Editor of Voice of War.
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