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"I don't fight battles I won't win. That goes for this fight as well." - W. Clausewitz

W. Clausewitz is a Migrant encountered in Armored Core V.


A Migrant encountered in Armored Core V's Order Missions, she appears as the main enemy of Order Mission 29. She pilots the AC Unsichtbar.


Encountered in Order Mission 29 in the Urban Area, Clausewitz is a proud and headstrong individual, taking pride in her ability to fight, however she is not so stupid that she would engage in every battle coming her way. She may come across to others as a bit of a sore loser, due to her preference to not engage in fights that she cannot win, but this is far from the truth. She is in fact a very capable fighter, and has enough strength of her own to go toe-to-toe with most other Migrants.

Her AC, Unsichtbar, is a purple-ash grey heavyweight-bipedal primarily designed for a supportive role. However, despite as such, this AC can hold its own in a direct one-on-one match against another Migrant.

AC Unsichtbar[]

In-game information: A general-purpose, heavyweight, bipedal AC equipped with high-level defense parts in its legs. Capable of fighting at various ranges through the use of its autocannon and a TE sentry gun with high, rapid-fire ability. Sacrifices maneuverability in favor of durability and a variety of weapons, making it ill-suited for battles against high-mobility AC's.

Unsichtbar is a heavyweight bipedal based around a primary support role, equipped with multiple weapons that really lay low most opponents and pin others down. Due to its configuration, the craft lacks maneuverability and the capability to keep up with most other AC's, but it makes up for it with the ability to throw out a large amount of firepower to trap opponents.


  • AP: 36,481
  • KE: 1034
  • CE: 1752
  • TE: 2545



You will fight Unsichtbar in the Commercial Sector Before you engage her in open combat however, take note of the large amounts of alleyways, collapsed structures and available rooftops. They will come in handy.

Unsichtbar comes into the fight bearing a large amount of heat, namely her PASTEQUE AC106 autocannon and the ST-10 TE sentry gun, with a PODENKA battle rifle in reserve. To make matters worse, she possesses another sentry gun (the ST-10/R) in her right hangar bay, which most notably doubles her available firepower. Equipped in her shoulder slot are a full payload of short-range missiles, the USM-14 MATHURA--the strongest short-range missiles in the game. With all of these weapons at her disposal, she could quite easily turn most AC's in a pile of scrap. Unluckily for her however, her FCS restricts the amount of missiles that she can fire to just three, which limits her ability to achieve burst-damage.

For this fight in particular, it is highly recommended that the player keeps as mobile as possible, using Hi-Boost and Glide-Boost as often as they can to avoid the wall of shelling heading their way in return. Getting hit by the autocannon may not sound too bad, but the sheer volume of rounds being unleashed upon the player's AC means that their defensive integrity will be hard-pressed to avoid being brutally compromised.

Unsichtbar is a foe that has a fixation for one thing in particular: deploying as many sentry turrets as possible. Keep this in mind, and avoid wasting ammo on them altogether. As threatening as it is to the player's AC, this will give Unsichtbar adequate time to set up, deploy her autocannon and continue her attacks.

Try to keep some moderate distance away from her, as getting too close will mean she will either swap out to her punishing power-tuned PODENKA, use her MATHURA missiles, or simply bash the player's AC inwards with a well-placed boost charge. While she may possess lightweight legs for a heavyweight bipedal, the damage she can deal with this attack means that it can be life-threatening to an AC of moderate AP values and soil the player's chances of getting a good ranking.

Another thing to note is that when cornered, Unsichtbar will decide to go mobile, swap out to her battle rifle and missiles, and rain in some close-range hurt.

Her defenses (for a heavyweight bipedal) is something to laugh at: with her KE and CE values barely reaching above 932 and 1566 respectively, meaning that near enough any weapons will do a lot of damage to her (especially KE weaponry). Equip a wide array of weapons, including: high-power handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, gatling guns, shotguns, battle rifles, HEAT howitzers, short/medium missiles, KE missiles, rockets (both HEAT and Ballistic), and bombs will do a lot of damage to her. Her high TE defenses (due to her weight class, at 2722) means most TE weapons will prove ineffective at damaging her (save for the high-power laser rifles, laser blades and laser cannons). Choose whichever weapons suits your play-style.

Use a highly-mobile medium-weight bipedal with your complement of weapons. If it really helps (and you have access to it) equip the KO-9K MOTYLEK Large Missile for extreme damage potential, one or two missiles will prove sufficient enough to deal critical damage, a full payload can kill her outright.

If she survives, move in and shred her remaining AP with high-powered KE and CE weaponry.

Those who wish to truly test themselves may try to engage in melee-only CQC, using high-power MURAKUMO blades, Piles, Moonlight Laser Blades and Boost Charges to deal damage, or using under-powered weapons against her.

All who face Unsichtbar and Clausewitz have the potential to win or lose against her, depending on the situation and their current set up.